Red Lipstick – Makeup,Shades,Tutorial,Looks

Red LipstickBe Ready with Red Lipstick

The colour red is always the centre of attention whether you wear it on your body, on your head or on your lips. Red lipsticks not only looks glamorous and classy but also cool. The fashion pundits are going gaga over the colour red. It’s a colour that more girls are opting for. It’s a must in every girl’s dressing table. The art of applying a red colour lipstick lies in the kind of undertone you have.

Know your undertone: To understand which shade of red compliments you the best, you should know the undertone colour of your skin, which is the one beneath your outside skin. To check what kind of undertone you have, wear a white shirt and stand under natural light, you will see a predominant colour on your skin – yellow, red, pink or blue. If you observe red or yellow, then you have warm undertones. If you see a blue or pink then you have cool undertones.

This season let your luscious lips take centre stage. There is nothing more enticing than a perfectly painted pout. But choosing the right red lip colour can be very tricky. Let me help you in choosing the perfect red lip colour.


Dusky SkinDusky Skin: Shades of red with hints of pink will look good on darker skin tones. Darker shades of red like dark cherry, plum, maroon or those with purplish hues will brighten your look. A touch of gloss will also look glamorous. For darker skin tones, red matte lips are into the season.

While using any dark coloured lipstick, make sure to keep your entire make-up minimal. Simple eye make-up looks great with this red shade. Always apply a lip liner of the same tone or a tone lighter or darker carefully.


Fair Skin

Fair Skin: Shades of red with a tinge of orange will look great on those who have fair skin with pink or slightly peachy undertones. Matte red, crimson red or coral red will also look nice. A slight dab of gloss will add an extra oomph to the colour and complete your entire look.




Medium Skin

Medium Skin: The good news is that almost all shades of red look good on the medium skin tone. Pick a shade from true reds such as shades of brighter reds along with yellow reds,matte orange,pink-based reds or cranberry  if your skin tone is slightly golden. For evenings, go for neutral shades of red. You can also go for a glossy and matte look. Shades like pink-based reds and cranberry will look good on your lips.