How To Get A Fuller Lips

How to get a fuller poutHow To Get A Fuller Lips

Today, every woman wants a fuller, more voluptuous pout.Also, many women dream about having fuller and more sensuous lips. There are a variety of both short-term and long-term methods to improve lip fullness, shape and volume. Today fuller lips can be achieved through make up and temporary lip enhancement techniques. Let’s take a look at the options other than surgery to enhance one’s lips.

Make up: Make up can give temporary but effective nonetheless fuller lips to today’s woman. Good lip enhancing make up can make a lot of difference. This technique is applied by using a lip liner on the outer outline of the lips and then filling it with the lip colour. A better result is achieved by coating it with gloss which ultimately gives them a fuller look.

Lip Plumpers: Two types of plumpers are available in the market. They contain ingredients included in lipstick and lipgloss.They result in pout by causing an inflammatory reaction. These plumpers have ingredients like capsaicin, menthol, ginger; caffeine and cinamon.They give a stinging sensation and helps in the inflammation of the lips. The effect of these plumpers goes away in few hours and the lips retain their normal size.

Now, there is a new variety of lip plumpers which lasts for three to four days. These contain an ingredient called palmitoyl oligopeptides which is taken from dried fish. It boosts the collagen in the lips. This added with cinamon, ginger and menthol helps the lips to plump up immediately.

Also, there are after effects of using Plumpers.The lips can get dry or dehydrated. It also results in skin peeling and chapping. Some people with sensitive skin can get skin allergy.

Fillers: First option is to use semi-permanent fillers which are injected into the lips to make them appear fuller. The amount of fullness depends upon the molecular weight and the amount of hyaluronic acid used. Some treatment can last for six months and some eight to ten months.

Local anaesthesia is given to the woman if the lips are highly sensitive.Hyaluronic acid fillers can cause swelling if not done properly.

Second option which is a more permanent one is that which consists of polyacrylamide that stays for as long as two to three years. Another method is to transfer body fat to the lips.

The side effects of this treatment are allergic reactions that might result in blisters and lumps on the lips.

Whichever method you adopt should be taken only after consulting a dermatologist and taking into consideration all the side effects.

Common make-up mistakes you can avoid

It’s easy to make mistakes, especially when trying to use make-up as paint brush. Most women make the mistake of trying to hide nature’s flaws with make-up. Fact remains that if you have not hit the genetic jackpot, then the only wise thing to do is play to your existing cosmetic strengths.

make up fiascos

With that as a new make-up motto, let’s look at some of the most common make-up fiascos.

Ignoring skincare: We all know the sin that using make-up is on bad skin. Good skincare is the first step to great make-up. Don’t smoke, stay hydrated with water and moisturizers, get good sleep and use sunscreen every few hours. Glowing skin can help you go a long way in your effort to make a great impression.

Thin eyebrows: Your eyebrows enhance your eyes and basically define your entire look. While the job is best left to the professionals, budgets and time don’t always allow so. Let the professional define the line once and then tow it. Don’t get carried away plucking.

Wrong foundation: Stick to the colour closest to your natural skin shade. If one colour doesn’t fit the bill, but a few, mix and use; also you’ll need different colours at different times of the year.

Not Staying age appropriate: Don’t change your make-up with changing fashion trends, that’s for teens and young girls. As women, stick to enhancing your features rather than experimenting. Also, stay away from glitter.

Not Blending well and/or excesses: This advice applies especially to foundation and blush. Use the right tools, clean them regularly andspend time doing your make-up well. But this doesn’t mean you slather your face in bronzer for a glow, you’ll just look orange. This goes for powder too, lest you look ashen. Remember that using too much makeup in general is not a great idea.

How to use make-up brushes

make up brushesFacial make-up is only as good as its application. So to ensure your big buy doesn’t go waste when it comes to date night, here’s a quick how-to for all the basic brushes you have.

Foundation brush: The best way to use it is with liquid foundation; dip it lightly and blending it to skin in circular strokes. Start with the cheeks, cover nose, move to the chin and blend back towards the neck and hairline.

Powder brush: Dip in powder and tap off extra product lightly. Then in sweeping strokes follow the natural contours of the face for a natural look.

Blush or Bronzer brush: Key is to not become a Russian doll. So sweep the blush or bronze from the apple of your cheeks up towards the ears. Go light on the colour.

Eyeshadow brush: Cover the lids in an even layer from the inside of the eye till either where the eye ends or sweep it out for a more dramatic look.

Blending brush: take some product in the brush, tap off the extra and start from the outer edge of the eye. Blend the colour from out to the inside making the colour follow your eye shape.

Brow brush: To apply eyeliner, start from the inside of the eye and follow the roots in a straight line; keep it straight or “wing it”.

To fill in the gaps in eyebrows, move the brush in short, delicate strokes in the direction of hair growth in a shade lighter lighter than your natural colour.

Lip brush: Use a lip liner to outline, fill in the lipstick. Take the lip brush and blend blend the two, starting from the centre.


TIP: Before you use any of the brushes, let’s understand that all make up brushes must be kept clean, free of last application of product. Though product does not combine like water colour, a residual sprinkling of another colour product can be disastrous. So either buy a brush cleaning lotion or add a drop of shampoo to luke warm water, swirl your brushes in it and leave flat on a towal to dry. Never dry brushes upright.