Common Ethnic Wear mistakes

It is just Western wear that one can go wrong with, given that it is “foreign” and all? Not quite, mostly lack in fashion sense results in wrong sartorial choices that we begin to make with the clothes we grew up in – ethnic wear.

Sarees, salwar-kameez, Indian jewllery and footwear. They all look great in magazines and on Maharanis, but when it comes to the average Indian woman budgets and a non-uniform availability of clothing and accessories means women across the length and the breadth of the country, mix and match to look like images on the glossy instead of reveling in the different textiles available and building on the basics.

Indian Ethnic Wear

To begin with, when trying to get your ethnic look right, accept and appreciate the variety around you, mix your personality in it with shoes, clutches and other accessories.

However, for daily wear most women make the mistake of not dressing their age. This crime is easiest to commit with salwar-kameez. Be comfortable alright, but stay away from baggy kurtas in somber colours that add false pounds and years to you. Have a good selection of well-fitting styles in your wardrobe.

The next, and one of the biggest, fashion fiascos is choosing the wrong colour. Wear lively shades with hip patterns (try modern designs on ethnic wear) in sharp fits.

The chappals are another ethnic wear fashion fiasco. They’re Indian alright but watch your gait and where you are going. If you’re a tall girl, you can be forgiven, otherwise kitten heels are your best friends. And always match your bag or clutch with your shoes; stay away from sling bags!

Finally, if jewellery is Indian it does not have to be Maharani style. Choose small pieces of understated chic jewellery for everyday wear and stash grandma’s bling for very special occasions only.

Office Wear – avoid these common fashion fiascos

Fashion for the working women
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Suits are often advised to unleash their sense of style at workplace and not become conveyor belt models of gray and its myriad shades. Sadly, when it does happen the aftermath resembles a post-apocalyptic version of Vogue. But if you are in the process of breaking the cocoon, let these  words not scare you. Follow these simple guidelines and you will never make a fashion fiasco, ever.

  • Too much skin: People will know you hit the gym without you flaunting your legs in super short skirts or back in daring shirts. If you feel like feeling sexy and showing it wait for the evening to play peek-a-boo. Word of caution: Many have been fired either because of sexual harassment complaints or for being sexual predators.
  • Too many accessories: Keep it simple, and minimalistic in design too, lest you look trashy. You want your work to stand out, not your jewellery.
  • The vacation wear: Even if it is Casual Friday, keep away from flip-flops, tube tops, strapless dresses and linen (they crinkle easily) or flowers in hair! And the ULTIMATE office wear fiasco –the ripped/faded jeans and graphic T-shirts.
  • Too bright for comfort: Never sport a fuchsia or tangerine skirt-suit or red pants. Use spurts of colours, like a bright shirt under suits or fun-coloured accessory or bag.
  • Comfy over cute: Bring the two together for footwear, for instance, with comfortable flats. And NEVER are sandals and socks pardonable; not even for men.
  • The Unkempt look: It looks good only in fashion magazines. In a professional environment, even casual should look sharp and fresh. Remember, how you dress reflects on your personality and ultimately your work.
  • Lastly, keep away from heavy make-up and revealing a piercing too many.