Top 5 Yoga For Diabetes Patients

Top 5 Yoga For Diabetes Patients

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Yoga Asanas For Diabetic Patients

With more and more people getting affected by diabetes, doctors and scientists are trying to find newer methods to treat this disease. To control one’s blood sugar one of the holistic methods is to do exercise. Yoga is one such holistic exercise.

Exercise helps to reduce your blood glucose. Exercise also helps to improve blood circulation, particularly in legs and arms where diabetic patients encounter problems. It’s an excellent way to remove stress away and keep one’s glucose levels down.

How yoga helps to fight diabetes?

Regular practice of yoga can help in reducing the blood sugar along with lowering the blood pressure. It also helps in keeping your weight in check slowing the rate of disease.

Stress is one of the major reasons of diabetes. It increases the secretion of glucagon. The consistent practice of yoga asanas, pranayama and meditation can help in reducing stress. It reduces glucagon and improves the action of insulin. Here are the top 5 yoga asanas to fight with diabetes

Anulom Vilom Pranayama

Anulom Vilom Pranayama Procedure And BenefitsAnulom Vilom Pranayama cures a disease called diabetes .It helps in controlling the blood sugar in one’s body. It also helps in insulin production.Anulom Vilom Pranayama is also known as Nadi Shodhan Pranayama or alternate nostril breathing. With the help of Anulom Vilom Pranayama, the whole nervous system is purified.It cleans up and tones up the entire nervous system and beneficial in migraine and chronic sinus problems.



Gomukhasana – The Cow Pose

Gomukhasana – The Cow PoseGomukhasana also known as The Cow Pose is extremely beneficial for those with type-II diabetes.It cures illnesses like diabetes and blood pressure. It is also very helpful in the overall health of a person too.The asana is none the less named the Cow Pose since the thighs and calves of the practitioner while in this pose looks like the face of a cow.Anatomically focusing on the ankles, hips, thighs, shoulders and chest, the pose stretches these body parts along with armpits and triceps.



Surya Namaskar Yoga

Surya Namaskar - Yoga,Benefits, Steps, Weight LossSurya Namaskar yoga helps to cure diabetes. It helps in insulin production.It’s ideally done facing the early morning sun so that the body can get benefits of the sun rays. Sun rays are rich source of Vitamin D and help to strengthen our bones and clear our vision.Regular practise of Suryayog lets the rays of the sun enter our mind, body and spirit, and connects us to nature. Regular practice of this yoga makes the body very flexible. It improves flexibility in spine and limbs.The steps in surya namaskar stretch our each and every muscle and thus make our body very flexible.



Urdhva Dhanurasana – Full Wheel Pose

Urdhva Dhanurasana – Full Wheel PoseUrdhva Dhanurasana known as Full Wheel Pose also helps to cure diabetes.It stretches your hips,core musculature and your wrists.It strengthens the shoulder muscles and the lower back musculature.If you suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, lower back pain, high blood pressure and headache then don’t perform this asana.




Supta Vajrasana Yoga

Supta Vajrasana Yoga - Steps,Benefits,AdvantagesThis asana relaxes the mind and improves digestion.The technique is as follows: Kneel on the yoga mat and let the top surface of your heels touch the mat. Now gently place your bottoms on your heels. Now place both your palms on your knees, facing downwards. Close your eyes and keep your breath on a steady rate.