Indian Bridal Hairstyles

Wedding is an important occasion in the life of every Indian girl.On her big day,she is the centre of all attention and everyone’s eyes is on how the bride looks.And,the bride also puts a lot of effort on making herself the cynosure of all eyes.The focus is always on three very important aspects which are the bridal dress,make-up and hairstyle.Speaking particularly of bridal hairstyle,the bridal hairdo you choose should compliment  the bridal dress.There are a variety of Indian bridal hairstyles that will compliment the heavy jewellery and embellished bridal outfits which are just tailor-made for the occasion.

1.Traditional Bun Hairstyle :


Indian brides generally opt for large,beautifully shaped buns that are further made beautiful with flowers and other hair accessories.In the traditional bun hairstyle, the hair is first pulled together and then twisted in the form of a bun.It is very well complimented by traditional Indian wedding dresses like lehenga and sarees.




2.Pinned up bun :

Pinned up bun For Indian brides Pinned up bun is also a popular wedding hairstyle.Pinned up bun is not actually a bun,rather a small quantity of hair that are pinned together on top of the head to create an illusion of a bun.It is very good for brides who do not have long hair but who love to sport a bun on their big day.Embellish the bun with beads and floral accessories to give it a neat look.



3.Side Bun :

The side bun is the another variation of the traditional Indian bridal hairstyle comes in the form of side bun.This hairstyle is similar to traditional high bun.The only difference is that the bun is shifted to one side rather than staying in the centre.This style looks great only if you have well defined cheeks and doe-shaped eyes.

4.Spanish updo:

Spanish updo is for long and thick hair.To add enough volume blow dry your hair. Now part the hair horizontally.Lift the upper part of the hair and let it be curled.Leave the rest of the hair to be flowing back.Decorate the hairstyle with fancy bows or floral pieces.

5.An embellished braid :

Bun is not the only option when it comes to Indian Bridal Hairstyles.You may also opt for beautiful braids decorated with flowers.This style is best for long hair.Hair is parted in the middle and decorated with jewels and flowers.

6.Bohemian Hairstyle:

If you want to experiment a different look then bohemian hairstyle is your pick.It works well for long  hair.You have to set your manes into curls.As soon as the curls are set,pull them away from the face and crown them with a tiara leaving them loose at the back.