Stick Foundations Reviews makeup

Stick Foundations

Stick Foundations Reviews Makeup

Let’s give you some easy tips on using a stick foundation and why is it beneficial to invest in one. It’s easy to use, portable and doesn’t spill. It’s not liquid or mousse. It is light-weight and non-comedogenic.It is not cakey and is very close to your skin tone.

It’s natural that you end up feeling stressed and tired after so much is happening around you and with your hectic life schedule your skin starts showing the signs of stress.Especially, your face is the most affected area of your whole body.

For getting that perfect skin look, we all need some help and one way to help one is by using a foundation that can hide the dark spots and blemishes quickly and give your skin a natural radiant glow. Foundations come in various formats like-liquid, solid, cream and stick.

What is a Foundation?

A foundation is the base when it comes to make-up. The first step in making our look as the best look is by using the right foundation. A foundation prepares the skin before one applies make-up. They are available in liquid and powder forms.But, now they are available in the stick format also. They even out the skin tone and hide the open pores. The perfect result is a natural radiant glow on the face.

Stick Foundation Makeup: The maximum coverage is done by a stick foundation whose main component is cream-to-powder foundation.Initially, this product gives a creamy, rich finish on first application but at the end, it gives a matte finish. In the case of a stick foundation, the coverage can vary from matte to creamy. Many of them also have an added benefit called sunscreen protection.

Stick Foundation Usage: The stick foundation can be used on the areas that plead coverage by simply dabbing them on skin. They can be used directly on the face and the neck. They provide a smoother base and more coverage than any other forms of foundations.

Stick Foundation Makeup

Use Stick Foundation Makeup correctly:

1. After you wash your skin clean, apply a moisturiser before applying the stick foundation so that it settles well.Also, apply a light-weight cream and wait for some time before using the stick foundation.

2. Dab the stick foundation on uneven skin tone and cover the spots (if any).Use your fingers to blend the foundation.

3. Use dust loose powder or compact to help the foundation settle down easily on your skin.

Also used as Concealers: They can also be used as concealers as they provide heavy coverage. They gel well with almost all skin types and provide a semi-matte finish to the skin. The stick foundation comes in several shades to match with every skin tone. They come in different varieties like beige, ivory, porcelain, pearl radiance etc.

Common make-up mistakes you can avoid

It’s easy to make mistakes, especially when trying to use make-up as paint brush. Most women make the mistake of trying to hide nature’s flaws with make-up. Fact remains that if you have not hit the genetic jackpot, then the only wise thing to do is play to your existing cosmetic strengths.

make up fiascos

With that as a new make-up motto, let’s look at some of the most common make-up fiascos.

Ignoring skincare: We all know the sin that using make-up is on bad skin. Good skincare is the first step to great make-up. Don’t smoke, stay hydrated with water and moisturizers, get good sleep and use sunscreen every few hours. Glowing skin can help you go a long way in your effort to make a great impression.

Thin eyebrows: Your eyebrows enhance your eyes and basically define your entire look. While the job is best left to the professionals, budgets and time don’t always allow so. Let the professional define the line once and then tow it. Don’t get carried away plucking.

Wrong foundation: Stick to the colour closest to your natural skin shade. If one colour doesn’t fit the bill, but a few, mix and use; also you’ll need different colours at different times of the year.

Not Staying age appropriate: Don’t change your make-up with changing fashion trends, that’s for teens and young girls. As women, stick to enhancing your features rather than experimenting. Also, stay away from glitter.

Not Blending well and/or excesses: This advice applies especially to foundation and blush. Use the right tools, clean them regularly andspend time doing your make-up well. But this doesn’t mean you slather your face in bronzer for a glow, you’ll just look orange. This goes for powder too, lest you look ashen. Remember that using too much makeup in general is not a great idea.