Skin Care Tips For Men And Women

Skin Care Tips

Skin Care Tips

Today every other woman desires a perfect flawless skin. Whether you are a housewife, working professional, or a student, it is very important for you that you have good skin. This is the first thing that people notice about you and creates a good first impression. Every woman has good skin but it’s up to her how good she takes care of it every now and then.

Dull and dry skin are the result of lot of factors such as exposure to pollution, harmful sun rays, excessive smoking, drinking alcohol, stressful lifestyle, hectic work schedule, inadequate sleep and lack of nutritional diet. All of the above mentioned factors are part of our lifestyle and they need to be controlled or prevented. But as they say, “Prevention is better than Cure”, we advise you to follow the following tips in taking care of your skin:

1. Cleansing: A proper cleansing regime helps you to remove the dirt and grime from your skin. It is also suitable for your skin. Don’t use soap. Soaps contain harsh chemicals that take away the moisture from your skin.

2. Exfoliation: It is an important step in having a clear and rejuvenated skin. A good scrub will remove the dead cells from the skin, increasing the production of new fresh cells. It also improves the blood circulation.

3. Use Sunscreen: Always protect your skin by using a good sunscreen with SPF 30 when going outside. Use sunscreen both in summers and winters. A good sunscreen helps you to be protected from the harmful rays of the sun.

4. Take care of other parts of your body: Post 30 you should give special attention to areas like neck, eyes and hands. These parts show early signs of aging. The skin on neck and hands become loose as we age and dark circles and puffiness can occur around the eyes. These are the first signs of ageing. To prevent them from happening, follow the following tips:

(a)Juice of raw potato or cucumber can be used under the eyes to prevent dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. Boiled tea bags can be kept over the eyes.

(b)To tighten the loose skin, use cocoa butter or an almond massage cream twice a day.Also, this will keep your skin soft and supple.

5. Take a well balanced diet: Keep a proper check on what you eat. You should avoid eating junk food, processed and deeply fried foods as it leads to several skin problems like piples, acne, blackheads and premature ageing. Take a well balanced diet comprising of fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables, whole grains and nuts. This will not only help you to have good digestive system but also a good glowing skin.

6. Drink lots of water: Drink lots of water like 10-12 glasses of water on daily basis as it keeps the entire body fit by flushing out the toxins and skin radiant.

7. Don’t use old cosmetics: Don’t use old cosmetic products, creams or tools. Always check the expiry date before using any product. Try not to share your personal cosmetic products with others as it is not hygienic and is unsafe.

8. Make up removal: Always remove make up. There should be no traces of make-up on your face before going to bed.It clogs your skin pores and can lead to pimples and acne. It can also make skin look dull and lifeless. Always use an alcohol free cleanser and rose water can also be used as good toner.

9. Get plenty of sleep: Always take 7-8 hours of sleep. Sleeping helps in repairing the damaged cells and gives a healthy glowing skin along with a refreshed mind.

10. Stay away from alcohol and tobacco: Don’t consume alcohol and tobacco.Both, of these are responsible for serious health and skin problems. Both of them are responsible for premature ageing and wrinkles. Smoking contracts the blood vessels thus depriving your skin cells in getting the essential nutrients.

11. Do exercise: When you exercise, your body receives maximum oxygen. Oxygen fights off the formation of free radicals in the body which leads to premature ageing and dull skin.Thus, keep yourself indulge in swimming, cycling, jogging, dancing, boxing or yoga. By doing exercise you not only burn the extra calories but you also will have improved blood circulation, good digestive system and eventually a healthy glow.