Trends in Fashion Accessories

Trends in Fashion Accessories

Fashion Accessories,a priced possession if you have the eye for the right kind of product.A garment is very important but what is more important is the right accessory.A slight touch of the right fashion accessory can add oodles of grace and elegance to an otherwise boring you.Let’s try to explore how each type of accessory can accentuate your look to make you a style diva.Accessories are usually categorized into two areas – the ones that are worn and the ones that are carried.Carried fashion accessories majorly includes handbags,clutches,umbrellas,hand fans and parasols.Fashion Accessories that are worn may include shoes,gloves,hats,watches,footwear,shawls,stoles and stockings.Apart from these are the hair accessories that majorly include hairpins and hairbands.

Fashion Accessories – Jewellery :

ear ringA plain dress with a drooping neckline can harm your style quotient.Team it up with a necklace and dare to bare it all!Be it a drape necklace or a simple classic neckpiece,the right colour and the right style can work wonders for you.Our pick for the perfect necklace type would be the layered neckpiece.The tailoring of the dress you wear with your necklace is very important.Try to opt for a v shaped neckline as it usually complements all face cuts.If you are teaming up your dress with an accessory, the dress itself should not have many embellishments.A ring is probably the most cult accessory that defines a woman’s class.Huge is the keyword for the day.If you wish to make a style statement with your earrings,make sure that your dress is a high neck and the only accessory that you adorn should be the bold and big earrings.


Hair Fashion Accessories:

One thing without which your style is incomplete is your hair.The most important aspect is how you organize your hair accessories.As far as trends are concerned,chunky hair bands with huge motifs are doing the rounds.Big bows,intricate netted one and crystal studded hairbands can now be found in every girl’s dresser.The best way to present the girl next door look would be with hair accessories.Huge colourful pins in bright colours are in vogue these days.Hats also play a very important role when you want to get a vintage look.Fedoras are the most popular of them all.

Sunglasses,Clutches and Bags:

Statement Sunglasses are the easiest way to update your look.Keep an eye for thick frames in bold colours and patterns.Apart from all other accessories,the clutch is the one that speaks for itself.Symbol of class these days,ladies are opting for very high end branded clutches to flaunt their style quotient.When it comes to bags,only four things come to one’s mind- colour,shape,design and logo.Bright colours are in vogue and colour blocking on bags works wonders if you wish to make a style statement.


beltsBe it the broader version or the sleeker version,belts are a must in every stylish girl’s wardrobe.As far as the rules for the belts are concerned,the golden rule would be to wear your belt according to your body type.Sporting a belt at the waist should be the top preference to attain that hourglass shape as it enhances your waistline.However,for those who have a pear shaped body and who don’t want to enhance their curves further should go for low waist belts with baggy tops as it successfully gives you a slimmer and a proportionate look.


They say a man’s(or a woman’s) footwear is the best judge of his/her character.Matching your footwear with your bag is a sure shot way to make a huge impact on the onlooker.

From the 60’s vintage look to the contemporary menswear inspired style,accessories can act as perfect style boosters to your personality.So, go forth and choose your pick.

Office Wear – avoid these common fashion fiascos

Fashion for the working women
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Suits are often advised to unleash their sense of style at workplace and not become conveyor belt models of gray and its myriad shades. Sadly, when it does happen the aftermath resembles a post-apocalyptic version of Vogue. But if you are in the process of breaking the cocoon, let these  words not scare you. Follow these simple guidelines and you will never make a fashion fiasco, ever.

  • Too much skin: People will know you hit the gym without you flaunting your legs in super short skirts or back in daring shirts. If you feel like feeling sexy and showing it wait for the evening to play peek-a-boo. Word of caution: Many have been fired either because of sexual harassment complaints or for being sexual predators.
  • Too many accessories: Keep it simple, and minimalistic in design too, lest you look trashy. You want your work to stand out, not your jewellery.
  • The vacation wear: Even if it is Casual Friday, keep away from flip-flops, tube tops, strapless dresses and linen (they crinkle easily) or flowers in hair! And the ULTIMATE office wear fiasco –the ripped/faded jeans and graphic T-shirts.
  • Too bright for comfort: Never sport a fuchsia or tangerine skirt-suit or red pants. Use spurts of colours, like a bright shirt under suits or fun-coloured accessory or bag.
  • Comfy over cute: Bring the two together for footwear, for instance, with comfortable flats. And NEVER are sandals and socks pardonable; not even for men.
  • The Unkempt look: It looks good only in fashion magazines. In a professional environment, even casual should look sharp and fresh. Remember, how you dress reflects on your personality and ultimately your work.
  • Lastly, keep away from heavy make-up and revealing a piercing too many.