Healthy Foods For Your Heart

healthy food for your heartHealthy Foods For Your Heart

From Oatmeal to Blueberries to Walnuts – every bite of healthy heart foods delivers phytonutrients that repair and prevent damage to cells. There are a large number of fresh fruits and vegetables that are good for your heart. They help to wipe out free radicals in the bloodstream protecting the blood vessels. Everything in its natural form is much more beneficial to the heart than the processed foods. Consumption of whole grains, beans and legumes, nuts, fatty fish and tea are just important for reducing the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. They provide all sorts of complex heart-protective phytonutrients.

But a healthy heart is not only about oatmeal and Omega-3 Fatty acids. It’s about finding ways to find out different nutrients.Also, you’ll stick to a healthy-heart lifestyle if you will have the variety of nutrients.

Benefits of Best Healthy Heart foods

We’ve found out the best of the best healthy heart foods. The foods listed below is important when it comes to protect your heart and blood vessels.

1. Oatmeal: A bowl of oats in the morning is very good for your heart. It’s rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, folate and potassium. This fibre-rich foods lowers down the level of LDL (bad) cholesterol and helps keep arteries clear. Try the coarse or steel cut oats for more fibre and top your oatmeal with banana.

2. Salmon: For non-vegetarians a good source of omega -3 fatty acids is salmon. It can reduce the blood pressure and keep clotting at bay. It contains carotenoid astaxanthin which is a powerful anti-oxidant. If you are not a salmon eater then other oily fish like tuna, mackerel, sardines or herring will give a same boost to your heart.

3. Avocado: It’s content of monounsaturated fats can help in lowering down the levels of LDL while raising the amount of HDL cholesterol in your body. They also allow for the absorption of other arytenoids –especially beta carotene and lycopene – which are important for a good healthy heart.

4. Olive Oil: It is rich in monounsaturated fats and it lowers down the LDL cholesterol and keeps your hearts safe. Opt for extra-virgin or virgin varieties as they are the least processed and use them instead of butter in your cooking.

5. Nuts: Walnuts are full of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, magnesium, folate, fibre and heart favourable mono and polyunsaturated fats.Also; almonds are favourable in fibre content that helps in keeping the heart healthy.

6. Berries: Blueberries, raspberries or strawberries –whichever berry you like best – are full of anti-inflammatories which reduce your risk of heart disease and cancer.

7. Legumes: Take a fibre rich diet with lentils; chickpeas and kidneybeans.They are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, calcium and fibre.

8. Spinach: Spinach can help you stay in shape because of its content of lutein, folate, potassium and fibre.

9.Flaxseed : Containing good fats such as omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6 fatty acids and fibre, ground flaxseeds can reduce the risk of heart disease specially heart attacks.

10. Soy: Soy may lower the cholesterol, and since it is low in saturated fat it’s still a great source of lean protein in a healthy-heart diet. You can also add soy milk to a bowl of oatmeal. But beware of few preparations that add salt in soy as it can increase the blood pressure.

11. Papaya: Packed with beta-carotene, vitamin C, E, calcium and magnesium papaya helps in improving your blood circulation and also haemoglobin.

12. Asparagus: Low in calories, asparagus has anti-inflammatory properties, vitamin C and D and known to maintain good heart health.

Adopt these above mentioned foods and stay heart-healthy for the rest of your life.