Exercises For Back Pain

Exercises for Back Pain

Exercises for Back Pain

Back pain has achieved epidemic proportions worldwide in the last two decades. It is the second most common ailment after common cold and eight out of ten people suffer from a significant episode of back pain at some point of their lives. Nearly 70% have a recurrence within a year of the initial episode. Sedentary lifestyles and improper posture have been mainly responsible for the increased incidence of back pain. Other high risk factors for back pain include professions requiring sedentary work/prolonged improper posture, obesity, stressful lifestyle and previous history of backpain.Exercising is a vital way to get rid of back pain.

Pilates help alleviate back pain. Wear comfortable clothing and take off your shoes while doing the following exercises.

1. Breathing Exercise:

(a) Lie on your back on a mat, with your knees bent, heels opposite your hips, and hands resting on lower abdomen. This is the preparatory position.

(b)Take a deep breath, for four to five counts, expanding the side and back of your ribcage. The abdominals should remain drawn inward gently. The upper chest and neck should also be relaxed.

(c)Breathe out for four to five counts, allowing your chest and ribs to fall while concentrating on drawing the lower abdominal muscles inwards. Use pelvic floor muscles to create a deeper sensation of pelvic stability and control.

(d)While breathing in do not let your stomach rise. This focused breathing pattern along with systematic execution of exercises provides a great workout.

2. Leg slides (for posture awareness)

(a)Get into preparatory position.

(b)Inhale to prepare, and begin “scooping” or drawing in of abdominals.

(c)Exhale using your abdominals; maintain control of your neutral pelvis position, slide one heel along the floor.

(d)Inhale, dragging the heel back to the preparatory position, always maintaining abdominal bracing and pelvic stability

(e)Repeat 10 times in all, altering legs.

3. Lying Twists

(a)Lie on your back on a mat, with your knees bent, heels opposite your sitting bones, and hands resting on lower abdomen, and then begin contracting the abdominals, which we call our belly.

(b)Place your hands behind your head.

(c)Keeping your legs together bend your knees.

(d)Twist your legs to one side.

(e)Your back and hips should remain on the floor.

(f)Repeat on the other side.

(g)Repeat this exercise 8-10 times.

4. Body Roll for Abdomen and Back: This is an excellent exercise to tone your back and abdomen, and also to strengthen them.

(a)Take a mat and lie on your back, with your knees bent, heels opposite your sitting bones, and your hands resting on your lower abdomen.

(b)Then, come to the sitting position. Keeping your head inside your knees, clasp your arms around your knees.

(c)Now imagine your body to be a ball.

(d)Roll backwards on your spine and then rock back to the sitting position.

(e)Rock backwards and forward like this about 8-10 times.

(f)This will massage your back and help you work on your abdominals.

Exercises for Back Pain