How To Wear Flip Flops This Summer

How to wear Flip Flops this summer

How to wear Flip Flops this summer

Come summer and flip flops are the ideal choice of summer footwear. You can wear it to the pool or to a swanky evening out in the town. But don’t wear them to office, restaurant, churches, funerals and first dates. You can wear flip flops in your daily routine. Whether it is a walk to the post office, gas station, grocery store, coffee shop or hanging out with friends you can wear them sportingly. You can wear them to beach. But flip flops should be of different colour and pattern. You can wear them with dresses like jeans, casual shorts and skirts. Here are few tips regarding flip flops:

1. Choose soft leather: Buy flip flops that are made up of high quality, soft leather. Leather helps in preventing the formation of blisters and other types of irritation in the foot.

2. Bending should be smooth: You should choose a supportive flip flop which bends at the right place when walking in the ball of the foot. This balance indicates proper balance, a good arch support and healthy alignment for the feet. A non-supportive flip flop can cause foot fatigue and arch aches.

3. Get the correct fit: The right size is fit for safety and comfort. Wear flip flops of the correct size and avoid those where the heels or toes hang over the edges.Cuts, stubs and trips can occur if the feet fall over the edges of flip flops. Wearing a wrong size can also result in a wrong gait. This can also create the forces where the body needs to readjust, creating stress first at the feet and up to the legs, then to the lower back and hips.

4. Proper arch support: Before buying a pair of flip flop looks for proper arch support in them. The flip flop should have full contact with the foot. In flat shoes the fleet flattens up against their natural position and the feet tissues are stretched out therefore, have proper arch support will keep lower legs in their natural position and will reduce pain too.

5. Avoid Infection: Blisters or hammertoe can happen with a loose pair of flip flops.Thus, don’t ignore irritation between toes, most importantly where the toe thong fits.

6. Don’t wear worn out flip flops: Flip flops can easily worn out after a short duration of time if they are made up of thin inexpensive rubber. To prevent wear and tear, look out for flip flop that has a strong and thick sole and is made up of quality material.