Tips to be stylish with no money

Tips to be stylish with no money

Tips to be stylish with no money

Everyone wants to look good whether they have money or not. The cash crunch situation often lead to the constraint in our wishes to look dandy and smart.However, fashion is not always expensive. With a little bit of helpful tips you can get a stylish wardrobe without spending so much money. Read the following tips:

1. Don’t run after brands: Brands are expensive.Period.Therefore, don’t run after brands. Save cash and be reasonable. Curb that urge to spend money on anything that is expensive and brandy.

2. Know how to sew at home: Sewing is no rocket science. Anyone can do it. It is one of the most useful things that you can learn.So, sew the entire lot of discarded clothes that have pulled out stitches.Also, you can be creative while sewing.Like, pick up contrast coloured threads to sew the hemlines. For example, if you have a red shirt, sew its edges with a yellow coloured thread.

3. Go for a bandana look: If you like to accessories, try to endorse bandana. For a bohemian look, try a colourful bandana and teamed it up with gypsy pyjamas and a loose shirt.

4. Wear old dupattas as scarves: Wear old dupattas as scarves. Once they fade, they find place in the dustbin. But you can wisely dye them up and team them up with tees and denims. They instantly add colour to your casual dress with a lot of oomph.

5. Go for Sales: Annual or seasonal sales are the best offer any women can crave to change her wardrobe. An off season sale can help you in storing all the right clothes that you want in your wardrobe.

6. Try junk jewellery to your list of accessories: Take a casual round of your flea market and buy inexpensive junk jewellery. They can be anything from bangles to anklets. You can sport this inexpensive jewellery with western and as well as Indian attire.

7. Redesign you’re worn out t-shirts: If you are thinking of mopping the floor with your old worn out t-shirts then drop the idea. Take a scissor and cut them from the bottom and make new cropped-tops. Try asymmetrical cuts.

8. Wear white with elan: White is not boring and yes, it suits everyone. You should have a white t-shirt to be paired up with blue denims as this never goes out of fashion. You can also pass on to your next generation too.

9. Go for online shopping: Some of the shopping websites offer 70-80% discount.Therefore, take time out and go for shopping online one day. All you need to be sure about is your size when you shop online.But, some websites offer replacement within seven days also.

10. Your trash can be someone’s usage: There must be some items in your wardrobe that you dislike but can be liked by someone else. Take the barter route and exchange them with your friends.