Makeup Tips For Summer

Make up Tips for summer

Makeup Tips for summer

Come summer and everyone wants to wear less makeup. It’s an easy way to avoid makeup meltdown in summer. But, we are not saying that you should stay bare-faced. Instead lightening up your makeup will only give you a healthier glow. During heat in summer it is likely that you can experience a meltdown of your makeup. This means you are sweating and your skin is producing more oil too.

There are some simple tips for you to follow to take care of your makeup before, during and after to keep it perfectly in one place. Prepare your skin differently during the summer to fight excessive oil. Be crafty in applying makeup so that it keeps itself intact in one place during the scorching heat. Keep handy the blotting papers and follow the following handy tips:

1. Oil in summers is a major reason for makeup meltdown. Buy oil preventing cleanser and blotting papers to remove excessive oil produced in the summer months.

2. Try using a multani mitti (fuller’s earth) face mask to reduce the skin’s oil production.

3. If you can skip applying foundation, do it. Especially in the summer, do not over apply it.

4. Instead of foundation, use concealer where it is required.Light, sheer coverage is best. Use a tinted moisturiser.

5. If you can’t avoid applying foundation then you should use primer first then dab the foundation with fingertips. It will be fruitful in the summer heat.

6. Use translucent powder to set it further.

7. Try using and eye shadow primer – it will help in keeping the colour stand out and avoiding the creasing and sliding.

8. Eyeshadows that are cream based and powder pressed are good as they will stay in the same place for a longer time. Silicone based is also good.

9. Heat up the lash curler to curl the eyelashes more firmly and permanently from the middle and the edges.

10. Dust a translucent powder on your eyelashes as it will keep it for a longer time and then apply mascara. It will cling to the powder and will last longer and lashes will look fuller at the same time.

11. Water resistant mascara is the best choice then water-proof. Test the mascara in the shower to see how it holds up to the hot water. If it passes the test, then you are good to go in the summer heat.

12. Use a lip stain rather than a lip gloss or lipstick as it has a better staying power than both of them.

13. Keep a makeup sponge in your bag so that it can remove any creases that can develop. Then set the makeup with a light dusting powder.

14. Also, keep blotting papers handy as they can remove any excessive oil. Make sure you blot and not rub.