How to hide your love handles

How to hide your love handles How to hide your love handles

Love handle is a word used to describe the layer of fat surrounding a person’s midsection. Love handles often cause lumpy profile and hang over from the waist giving a non-pleasing physical appeal. With a bit of dedication, you can reduce the appearance of your love handles in one week.

Drink 8-10 glasses of water daily. If your body is dehydrated it can retain as much as 10 pounds of excess fluids. When you hydrate your body properly, it will automatically release this water weight within seven days.

Perform 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise every day. Cardiovascular exercise boosts your metabolism and will lead to fat loss. A higher metabolism will be resulting in burning more calories. The examples of cardiovascular exercises are cycling, swiming and jogging. Continue this exercising pattern to lose weight.

You can also hide love handles by following the below mentioned tricks.

  1. Don’t wear tights:

    Throw away overly tight clothes from your wardrobe. Pants that are tight can make your hip and belly fat to spill over the waistband. It will create the muffin top look. Tight shirts will cling to love handles and will show them off.

  2. Opt for a layered look:

    Consider the layered look. Choose a loose tunic with a fitted tee on top and properly fitted pants to give you a trim middle.

  3. Never wear a Belt:

    Never wear a belt and opt to wear jeans of larger size if you want to remove the muffin top look. Extra curves can be hidden by an A-line dress or high-waisted jeans. Nice looking summer dresses that flare out from the waist will hide your love handles and will give you a pleasing look.

  4. Wear a Waistcoat or a corset:

    Corsets can hide love handles as they are worn to hold and shape the upper part of the body. They don’t allow flesh to spill over from the sides. The same goal can be achieved by wearing a waistcoat as wearing a corset an entire day can be uncomfortable for the wearer.

  5. Mind the material:

    Choose the weight and quality of the fabrics in your closet wisely. Try to avoid body hugging thin knits that hug all the wrong places, while a fabric with more weight falls more nicely.

  6. Wear bottom clothes from the waistline:

    Wear trousers or skirts from the waistline, not from the hips. It is the most effective way to hide love handles. It prevents the hip and belly from dividing and spilling over the sides.

  7. Wear black:

    Black is a slimming colour. Opt for black or dark colour tops, especially around the middle will hide your love handles.

  8. Invest in a body slimmer:

    Try a body slimmer or shaper if all else fails. These stretchy and  comfortable undergarments slimmer down your mid-section.