Earrings to suit your face

Earrings to suit your face

Your most attractive qualities will get enhanced and attention towards your face will be drawn when you will wear the right accessory like earrings.If you wish to make a style statement with your earrings,make sure that your dress is a high neck and the only accessory that you adorn should be the bold and big ear rings.

Since,they sit closest to your face and small in size,they have a major role to playin your entire ensemble.If you want to look fabulous from head to toe,then it’s not enough to match your earrings to your dress.It is equally important to consider their length,shape and design  to match the shape of your face.For example, the angles of a rectangular face will get smoothen by round hoops and a round faced woman can balance out the curves by wearing long and thin earrings.

Statement earrings are the call of today’s fashion.Blod,strong and big and making their impact in a bold manner they appear in the fashion circuit in the form of danglers,shoulder dusters,teardrop earrings and chandeliers.We give you tips on how to match the trend with your particular face.

1.Drop Dangles Earrings:

drop-dangles Earrings

Drop dangles are very much into fashion as you can go as long or short,flat or multi-dimensional with them.They are a combination of teardrop and dangle earrings.They highlight the features of a narrow and a diamond shaped faces.

2.Behind the ear cuffs Earrings :

ear-cuffSporting an ear cuff trend will be taken to the next level by pulling your hair behind and wearing a pair of behind the ear cuffs earrings.These funky statement pieces suit heart-shaped and narrow faces.They add depth and dimension to the face.Look for dainty pieces if you have a round face.

3.Diamond-shaped chandeliers Earrings :

diamond-shape-chandelStuds and drops are the two popular ear accessory designs that make the chandelier earrings.The sharpness of a heart or a diamond shaped face can be balanced by the diamond-shaped chandelier earrings.

4.Studded Dangles Earrings :

Dangles are usually straight and hang way below the earlobe.They are wide or thin,made from diamonds,beads or metal.They are also known as shoulder dusters as they reach upto your shoulders.They flatter square and round faces by making them look angular.

5.Teardrop Earrings :

Teardrop earrings are shaped like a dewdrop or a teardrop and tend to hang below the earlobe.Since they minimize the curvature that’s why they look good on women with a round,heart or an oval shaped face.