Different types of wrist watches

Long before mobiles came along, watches were the ultimate symbol of your status and personality. They were gadgets – style-strutting, time-telling symbols of latest technology – and they were jewellery, complete with intricate designs and studded with every precious stones you desired! So why did they change avatars? For several reasons.

Prime among them being convenience, with the strap, and affordability. The very technology that once made them expensive advanced enough to make them a product of mass-production and thus, cheap.

However, once the mass production started watches began changing form like performers. Manual, Quartz, Digital, Steel bracelet, Leather, Rubber Bracelet, are some of the most common forms this gadget has taken. They also changed the add-on features to better suit the needs of professionals who wore them.

Like with everything, there are favourites among watches too. Read on to find out about the most popular choices, technology wise:
Different types of watches
Stainless Steel Watches: A mark of luxury and success, stainless steel watches have become almost synonymous with high power professionals. Brands like Omega, Rolex, Tag Hauer, have mastered the art of creating sophisticated stainless steel watches combining style with best technology.

Swiss Watches: Also known as pilot watches or simply Pilots, Swiss watches have been the mark of precision and brilliance since 18th century with their perfect size of dials and leather bracelets.

Water-proof or Divers’ Watches: They were the cats among quartz. Offering to keep your beloved watch safe even in rain or underwater was a  novelty man had never thought of back in 1932. Today waterproof watches come with ATMs (atmospheres) telling the user the depth to which his watch is safe in water.

Military Watches: With their butch designs, latest military technology in time tracking and rare illumination technology, military watches are yes for the military but also come in handy for researches roaming forests or filmmakers shooting documentaries.

Sports Watches: Sports watches came along and became popular in the  21st century with popularization of sports events and the rise of sporting merchandise, thanks to marketing and rising obesity. Key features that sports watches focus on are comfort, sturdiness and design.