McDonalds India Price Menu Offers Contact Numbers Delivery

You can call  McDonalds for Home Delivery in the following  Contact number.

Call for Home McDonald’s Delivery  66-000-666

You need to prefix the STD Code.

Suppose if you are from Delhi then Call for Home McDonald’s Delivery in Delhi – NCR    011  66-000-666.If you are from Mumbai  then Call for Home McDonald’s Delivery in Mumbai    022  66-000-666. If you are from Chennai then Call for Home McDonald’s Delivery in Chennai    044  66-000-666

Replace 011 or 022 or 044 to your city STD code if you are from other city.

McdDonald’s Some Common Pricing in (Rs)  and Menu  is  Below.

You can find some common Pricing and menu in the given below list.These are the some common price list of McDonalds

Happy Meal                           50 to 60

Combos                                 30 to 70

McMaharaja                           50

Soft Drink              .               20



Paneer Salsa                         45

Chciken Maxican                 55


Mc Curry                               49

Mc Curry                               59


Regular                                  20

Medium                                 28

Large                                      36


Veg Pizza McPuff                  19

McAloo Tikki Burger            29           35(With Cheese)

Crispy Chinese                      32

Mc Veggie Burger                38           44(With Cheese)

Chicken McGrill                    28           34(With Cheese)

McChicken Burger               49           55(With Cheese)

Chicken Maharaja Mac       59

McDonalds has a wide network of stores across South and West .There are a number of companies who find it fruitful to buy coupons from them and give it for employee gratification.

Some of offers  are as Following

a McDonald’s “Happy Meal” costing Rs 69 – 109 (plus tax) packs in a burger, a coke and a toy; with french fries being optional.  The same items ordered separately might cost far less, but the toy makes the decision an easy one: what is a few extra bucks for a happy meal and a happy kid.

The Rs. 69 Happy Meal consists of a Pizza McPuff, a regular coke and a toy. The meal, if bought separately will cost the consumer Rs. 54 plus taxes (Pizza McPuff Rs 20 & Regular Coke Rs 34).