6 amazing super foods that burn fat faster

Amazing super foods that burns fat

Weight loss is always a topic of discussion for all of us. Shredding those unwanted pounds has always been a matter of concern for us. With the holiday season ahead of us we just think of eating while when it comes to losing those extra pounds takes a lot of efforts.

Everyone’s body is different and everyone loses weight differently. Some say it’s easy and some say it’s hard. The only thing you need is to do right kind of physical activity and eat right kind and right amount of food and be determined about your goal.

Certain foods have a very high thermogenic effect, so you literally burn calories as you chew. Other eats contain nutrients and compounds that boost your metabolic rate. Feed your metabolism with these.

Keep up the determination and to live a long , healthy , active and happy life by making this superfoods ,a part of your plan:


1 . Water


With various uses and importance of water  like regulating g your body temperature, absorbing the nutrients etc.it also helps in burning fat and shredding those extra pounds.

Studies have shown that just slight dehydration can hugely impact exercise performance. Sometimes being hydrated is the difference between getting those last two reps, putting an extra five pounds on the bar, or running that mile 30 seconds faster.

Studies show that drinking  10-12 glasses of water everyday helps you in losing more fat , also eliminating the toxins from your body


2. Chilli peppers


Chilli peppers are available throughout the year to add flavor to your dishes.preventing you from many diseases like type 2 diabetes, ulcers , stomach ulcers etc also helps in loosing those extra flab you have.

It contains a special ingredient called capsaicin which helps in preventing weight gain. Due to its thermogenic property which is process of creating heat for burning fat. All that heat which is produced after eating chilli which takes energy and which in turn burns fat


3. Nuts

Nuts are a good source of protein , fibre , vitamins , minerals , heart –healthy fats   and various other beneficial  elements. Eating nuts have been linked to  lower cholesterol, lower cancer risk and weight loss.

A handful of nuts keeps you full due to the presence of fibre in them. Eaten daily they help the body to get rid of the bad cholesterol (LDL)   and provide a benefit to the heart .


4. Green Tea
A study shows that  3-4 cups of green tea a day helps you in losing weight very fast. It is known to fight against the free radicals in the body. It is used to eliminate the excess of water from the body.it also helps in improving digestion , regulating blood sugar and body temperature , solving gastric and acidic problems and improving the mental balance.

It also helps in boosting metabolism and burning fats .it has an anti oxidant called ‘ Catechins’ which helps in burning those  fats which are hard to burn.


5. Whole Grains


A new study shows that people eating whole grain breads or cereals lose more weight than people eating refined grains such as rice and white bread. They are naturally low fat and offers lots of proteins, fibres , and various other vitamins and minerals and anti oxidants. They help in preventing many disease such as obesity, heart strokes, diabetes etc.

As they are loaded with fibres and digested slowly , they keep you full for longer period of time. And they take extra energy to break down. Studies show that people who eat more whole grain tend to have less body fat as compared to those who eat refined food.



6. Citrus fruits

If you are trying to lose weight, you might pick lemon , oranges , amla, grape fruit  when you go shopping the next time.these super foods are beneficial in weight loss as they control hunger. They are rich in water and fibres which makes them a must try recipe for weight loss.

They also contain lots of vitamins and minerals which makes them a perfect source of weight loss.they also strengthens immunity, helps in preventing cancer and also regulates your blood pressure level.

So , next time when you go for shopping don’t forget to add these amazing super foods to your list which would help you shred those extra kilos and inches to stay healthy and look beautiful.