Makeup Tips For Summer

Make up Tips for summer

Makeup Tips for summer

Come summer and everyone wants to wear less makeup. It’s an easy way to avoid makeup meltdown in summer. But, we are not saying that you should stay bare-faced. Instead lightening up your makeup will only give you a healthier glow. During heat in summer it is likely that you can experience a meltdown of your makeup. This means you are sweating and your skin is producing more oil too.

There are some simple tips for you to follow to take care of your makeup before, during and after to keep it perfectly in one place. Prepare your skin differently during the summer to fight excessive oil. Be crafty in applying makeup so that it keeps itself intact in one place during the scorching heat. Keep handy the blotting papers and follow the following handy tips:

1. Oil in summers is a major reason for makeup meltdown. Buy oil preventing cleanser and blotting papers to remove excessive oil produced in the summer months.

2. Try using a multani mitti (fuller’s earth) face mask to reduce the skin’s oil production.

3. If you can skip applying foundation, do it. Especially in the summer, do not over apply it.

4. Instead of foundation, use concealer where it is required.Light, sheer coverage is best. Use a tinted moisturiser.

5. If you can’t avoid applying foundation then you should use primer first then dab the foundation with fingertips. It will be fruitful in the summer heat.

6. Use translucent powder to set it further.

7. Try using and eye shadow primer – it will help in keeping the colour stand out and avoiding the creasing and sliding.

8. Eyeshadows that are cream based and powder pressed are good as they will stay in the same place for a longer time. Silicone based is also good.

9. Heat up the lash curler to curl the eyelashes more firmly and permanently from the middle and the edges.

10. Dust a translucent powder on your eyelashes as it will keep it for a longer time and then apply mascara. It will cling to the powder and will last longer and lashes will look fuller at the same time.

11. Water resistant mascara is the best choice then water-proof. Test the mascara in the shower to see how it holds up to the hot water. If it passes the test, then you are good to go in the summer heat.

12. Use a lip stain rather than a lip gloss or lipstick as it has a better staying power than both of them.

13. Keep a makeup sponge in your bag so that it can remove any creases that can develop. Then set the makeup with a light dusting powder.

14. Also, keep blotting papers handy as they can remove any excessive oil. Make sure you blot and not rub.


How To Wear Flip Flops This Summer

How to wear Flip Flops this summer

How to wear Flip Flops this summer

Come summer and flip flops are the ideal choice of summer footwear. You can wear it to the pool or to a swanky evening out in the town. But don’t wear them to office, restaurant, churches, funerals and first dates. You can wear flip flops in your daily routine. Whether it is a walk to the post office, gas station, grocery store, coffee shop or hanging out with friends you can wear them sportingly. You can wear them to beach. But flip flops should be of different colour and pattern. You can wear them with dresses like jeans, casual shorts and skirts. Here are few tips regarding flip flops:

1. Choose soft leather: Buy flip flops that are made up of high quality, soft leather. Leather helps in preventing the formation of blisters and other types of irritation in the foot.

2. Bending should be smooth: You should choose a supportive flip flop which bends at the right place when walking in the ball of the foot. This balance indicates proper balance, a good arch support and healthy alignment for the feet. A non-supportive flip flop can cause foot fatigue and arch aches.

3. Get the correct fit: The right size is fit for safety and comfort. Wear flip flops of the correct size and avoid those where the heels or toes hang over the edges.Cuts, stubs and trips can occur if the feet fall over the edges of flip flops. Wearing a wrong size can also result in a wrong gait. This can also create the forces where the body needs to readjust, creating stress first at the feet and up to the legs, then to the lower back and hips.

4. Proper arch support: Before buying a pair of flip flop looks for proper arch support in them. The flip flop should have full contact with the foot. In flat shoes the fleet flattens up against their natural position and the feet tissues are stretched out therefore, have proper arch support will keep lower legs in their natural position and will reduce pain too.

5. Avoid Infection: Blisters or hammertoe can happen with a loose pair of flip flops.Thus, don’t ignore irritation between toes, most importantly where the toe thong fits.

6. Don’t wear worn out flip flops: Flip flops can easily worn out after a short duration of time if they are made up of thin inexpensive rubber. To prevent wear and tear, look out for flip flop that has a strong and thick sole and is made up of quality material.

Tips to be stylish with no money

Tips to be stylish with no money

Tips to be stylish with no money

Everyone wants to look good whether they have money or not. The cash crunch situation often lead to the constraint in our wishes to look dandy and smart.However, fashion is not always expensive. With a little bit of helpful tips you can get a stylish wardrobe without spending so much money. Read the following tips:

1. Don’t run after brands: Brands are expensive.Period.Therefore, don’t run after brands. Save cash and be reasonable. Curb that urge to spend money on anything that is expensive and brandy.

2. Know how to sew at home: Sewing is no rocket science. Anyone can do it. It is one of the most useful things that you can learn.So, sew the entire lot of discarded clothes that have pulled out stitches.Also, you can be creative while sewing.Like, pick up contrast coloured threads to sew the hemlines. For example, if you have a red shirt, sew its edges with a yellow coloured thread.

3. Go for a bandana look: If you like to accessories, try to endorse bandana. For a bohemian look, try a colourful bandana and teamed it up with gypsy pyjamas and a loose shirt.

4. Wear old dupattas as scarves: Wear old dupattas as scarves. Once they fade, they find place in the dustbin. But you can wisely dye them up and team them up with tees and denims. They instantly add colour to your casual dress with a lot of oomph.

5. Go for Sales: Annual or seasonal sales are the best offer any women can crave to change her wardrobe. An off season sale can help you in storing all the right clothes that you want in your wardrobe.

6. Try junk jewellery to your list of accessories: Take a casual round of your flea market and buy inexpensive junk jewellery. They can be anything from bangles to anklets. You can sport this inexpensive jewellery with western and as well as Indian attire.

7. Redesign you’re worn out t-shirts: If you are thinking of mopping the floor with your old worn out t-shirts then drop the idea. Take a scissor and cut them from the bottom and make new cropped-tops. Try asymmetrical cuts.

8. Wear white with elan: White is not boring and yes, it suits everyone. You should have a white t-shirt to be paired up with blue denims as this never goes out of fashion. You can also pass on to your next generation too.

9. Go for online shopping: Some of the shopping websites offer 70-80% discount.Therefore, take time out and go for shopping online one day. All you need to be sure about is your size when you shop online.But, some websites offer replacement within seven days also.

10. Your trash can be someone’s usage: There must be some items in your wardrobe that you dislike but can be liked by someone else. Take the barter route and exchange them with your friends.

How to hide your love handles

How to hide your love handles How to hide your love handles

Love handle is a word used to describe the layer of fat surrounding a person’s midsection. Love handles often cause lumpy profile and hang over from the waist giving a non-pleasing physical appeal. With a bit of dedication, you can reduce the appearance of your love handles in one week.

Drink 8-10 glasses of water daily. If your body is dehydrated it can retain as much as 10 pounds of excess fluids. When you hydrate your body properly, it will automatically release this water weight within seven days.

Perform 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise every day. Cardiovascular exercise boosts your metabolism and will lead to fat loss. A higher metabolism will be resulting in burning more calories. The examples of cardiovascular exercises are cycling, swiming and jogging. Continue this exercising pattern to lose weight.

You can also hide love handles by following the below mentioned tricks.

  1. Don’t wear tights:

    Throw away overly tight clothes from your wardrobe. Pants that are tight can make your hip and belly fat to spill over the waistband. It will create the muffin top look. Tight shirts will cling to love handles and will show them off.

  2. Opt for a layered look:

    Consider the layered look. Choose a loose tunic with a fitted tee on top and properly fitted pants to give you a trim middle.

  3. Never wear a Belt:

    Never wear a belt and opt to wear jeans of larger size if you want to remove the muffin top look. Extra curves can be hidden by an A-line dress or high-waisted jeans. Nice looking summer dresses that flare out from the waist will hide your love handles and will give you a pleasing look.

  4. Wear a Waistcoat or a corset:

    Corsets can hide love handles as they are worn to hold and shape the upper part of the body. They don’t allow flesh to spill over from the sides. The same goal can be achieved by wearing a waistcoat as wearing a corset an entire day can be uncomfortable for the wearer.

  5. Mind the material:

    Choose the weight and quality of the fabrics in your closet wisely. Try to avoid body hugging thin knits that hug all the wrong places, while a fabric with more weight falls more nicely.

  6. Wear bottom clothes from the waistline:

    Wear trousers or skirts from the waistline, not from the hips. It is the most effective way to hide love handles. It prevents the hip and belly from dividing and spilling over the sides.

  7. Wear black:

    Black is a slimming colour. Opt for black or dark colour tops, especially around the middle will hide your love handles.

  8. Invest in a body slimmer:

    Try a body slimmer or shaper if all else fails. These stretchy and  comfortable undergarments slimmer down your mid-section.


Red Lipstick – Makeup,Shades,Tutorial,Looks

Red LipstickBe Ready with Red Lipstick

The colour red is always the centre of attention whether you wear it on your body, on your head or on your lips. Red lipsticks not only looks glamorous and classy but also cool. The fashion pundits are going gaga over the colour red. It’s a colour that more girls are opting for. It’s a must in every girl’s dressing table. The art of applying a red colour lipstick lies in the kind of undertone you have.

Know your undertone: To understand which shade of red compliments you the best, you should know the undertone colour of your skin, which is the one beneath your outside skin. To check what kind of undertone you have, wear a white shirt and stand under natural light, you will see a predominant colour on your skin – yellow, red, pink or blue. If you observe red or yellow, then you have warm undertones. If you see a blue or pink then you have cool undertones.

This season let your luscious lips take centre stage. There is nothing more enticing than a perfectly painted pout. But choosing the right red lip colour can be very tricky. Let me help you in choosing the perfect red lip colour.


Dusky SkinDusky Skin: Shades of red with hints of pink will look good on darker skin tones. Darker shades of red like dark cherry, plum, maroon or those with purplish hues will brighten your look. A touch of gloss will also look glamorous. For darker skin tones, red matte lips are into the season.

While using any dark coloured lipstick, make sure to keep your entire make-up minimal. Simple eye make-up looks great with this red shade. Always apply a lip liner of the same tone or a tone lighter or darker carefully.


Fair Skin

Fair Skin: Shades of red with a tinge of orange will look great on those who have fair skin with pink or slightly peachy undertones. Matte red, crimson red or coral red will also look nice. A slight dab of gloss will add an extra oomph to the colour and complete your entire look.




Medium Skin

Medium Skin: The good news is that almost all shades of red look good on the medium skin tone. Pick a shade from true reds such as shades of brighter reds along with yellow reds,matte orange,pink-based reds or cranberry  if your skin tone is slightly golden. For evenings, go for neutral shades of red. You can also go for a glossy and matte look. Shades like pink-based reds and cranberry will look good on your lips.




Earrings to suit your face

Earrings to suit your face

Your most attractive qualities will get enhanced and attention towards your face will be drawn when you will wear the right accessory like earrings.If you wish to make a style statement with your earrings,make sure that your dress is a high neck and the only accessory that you adorn should be the bold and big ear rings.

Since,they sit closest to your face and small in size,they have a major role to playin your entire ensemble.If you want to look fabulous from head to toe,then it’s not enough to match your earrings to your dress.It is equally important to consider their length,shape and design  to match the shape of your face.For example, the angles of a rectangular face will get smoothen by round hoops and a round faced woman can balance out the curves by wearing long and thin earrings.

Statement earrings are the call of today’s fashion.Blod,strong and big and making their impact in a bold manner they appear in the fashion circuit in the form of danglers,shoulder dusters,teardrop earrings and chandeliers.We give you tips on how to match the trend with your particular face.

1.Drop Dangles Earrings:

drop-dangles Earrings

Drop dangles are very much into fashion as you can go as long or short,flat or multi-dimensional with them.They are a combination of teardrop and dangle earrings.They highlight the features of a narrow and a diamond shaped faces.

2.Behind the ear cuffs Earrings :

ear-cuffSporting an ear cuff trend will be taken to the next level by pulling your hair behind and wearing a pair of behind the ear cuffs earrings.These funky statement pieces suit heart-shaped and narrow faces.They add depth and dimension to the face.Look for dainty pieces if you have a round face.

3.Diamond-shaped chandeliers Earrings :

diamond-shape-chandelStuds and drops are the two popular ear accessory designs that make the chandelier earrings.The sharpness of a heart or a diamond shaped face can be balanced by the diamond-shaped chandelier earrings.

4.Studded Dangles Earrings :

Dangles are usually straight and hang way below the earlobe.They are wide or thin,made from diamonds,beads or metal.They are also known as shoulder dusters as they reach upto your shoulders.They flatter square and round faces by making them look angular.

5.Teardrop Earrings :

Teardrop earrings are shaped like a dewdrop or a teardrop and tend to hang below the earlobe.Since they minimize the curvature that’s why they look good on women with a round,heart or an oval shaped face.

Trends in Fashion Accessories

Trends in Fashion Accessories

Fashion Accessories,a priced possession if you have the eye for the right kind of product.A garment is very important but what is more important is the right accessory.A slight touch of the right fashion accessory can add oodles of grace and elegance to an otherwise boring you.Let’s try to explore how each type of accessory can accentuate your look to make you a style diva.Accessories are usually categorized into two areas – the ones that are worn and the ones that are carried.Carried fashion accessories majorly includes handbags,clutches,umbrellas,hand fans and parasols.Fashion Accessories that are worn may include shoes,gloves,hats,watches,footwear,shawls,stoles and stockings.Apart from these are the hair accessories that majorly include hairpins and hairbands.

Fashion Accessories – Jewellery :

ear ringA plain dress with a drooping neckline can harm your style quotient.Team it up with a necklace and dare to bare it all!Be it a drape necklace or a simple classic neckpiece,the right colour and the right style can work wonders for you.Our pick for the perfect necklace type would be the layered neckpiece.The tailoring of the dress you wear with your necklace is very important.Try to opt for a v shaped neckline as it usually complements all face cuts.If you are teaming up your dress with an accessory, the dress itself should not have many embellishments.A ring is probably the most cult accessory that defines a woman’s class.Huge is the keyword for the day.If you wish to make a style statement with your earrings,make sure that your dress is a high neck and the only accessory that you adorn should be the bold and big earrings.


Hair Fashion Accessories:

One thing without which your style is incomplete is your hair.The most important aspect is how you organize your hair accessories.As far as trends are concerned,chunky hair bands with huge motifs are doing the rounds.Big bows,intricate netted one and crystal studded hairbands can now be found in every girl’s dresser.The best way to present the girl next door look would be with hair accessories.Huge colourful pins in bright colours are in vogue these days.Hats also play a very important role when you want to get a vintage look.Fedoras are the most popular of them all.

Sunglasses,Clutches and Bags:

Statement Sunglasses are the easiest way to update your look.Keep an eye for thick frames in bold colours and patterns.Apart from all other accessories,the clutch is the one that speaks for itself.Symbol of class these days,ladies are opting for very high end branded clutches to flaunt their style quotient.When it comes to bags,only four things come to one’s mind- colour,shape,design and logo.Bright colours are in vogue and colour blocking on bags works wonders if you wish to make a style statement.


beltsBe it the broader version or the sleeker version,belts are a must in every stylish girl’s wardrobe.As far as the rules for the belts are concerned,the golden rule would be to wear your belt according to your body type.Sporting a belt at the waist should be the top preference to attain that hourglass shape as it enhances your waistline.However,for those who have a pear shaped body and who don’t want to enhance their curves further should go for low waist belts with baggy tops as it successfully gives you a slimmer and a proportionate look.


They say a man’s(or a woman’s) footwear is the best judge of his/her character.Matching your footwear with your bag is a sure shot way to make a huge impact on the onlooker.

From the 60’s vintage look to the contemporary menswear inspired style,accessories can act as perfect style boosters to your personality.So, go forth and choose your pick.

Winter Jackets for men and women

Winter Jackets for men and women

Winter JacketsThis winter try the new formats in Jackets that suits your individual style.The best and the most stylish jackets to cosy up with this season can be the Boho Jacket,the drape jacket,the contrasting Nehru Jacket and many more.Choose your pick and wear your style.

1.The Cutwork Shrug Winter Jackets:

This kind of jacket has made a major comeback and will stay for the next season too.It’s a cropped open-fronted light weight jacket with flowy sleeves.It can be teamed up with long and short dresses.A good shrug can look good with a jumpsuit also.

2.Contrasting Nehru Winter Jackets:

The good old trademark jacket of India’s first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru has emerged as the hottest menswear on Indian ramps this season.Make yourself warm in one and try to wear it with a bright maroon kurta for a sharp contrast.

3.Belted Cocoon Coat Winter Jackets:

A Belted Cocoon Coat is one of those coats that are voluminous,warm and egg-shaped that are very good to keep oneself warm and stylish in winters.It can be worn over shirts-and-trousers,skirts and other dresses.

4.Boho Jacket over dress Winter Jackets:

Fashion Designers are encouraging you to break the rule that Boho Jackets are usually the reserves of summer clothing.Team a black embroidered Boho jacket with a long boho-chic dress.

5.The Drape Winter Jackets :

A Drape Jacket is a great way to soften up any clothing.It is usually unstructured and with an open front.You can use it to balance out tailored trousers or layer it over a loose and light weight T-shirt.

6.Embellished Jacket over sari :

Team an embellished gold coloured jacket over a brocade sari in a jewel tone in the same colour scheme.To avoid looking washed out find a sari with embellishments in contrasting colour.Wear just one piece of statement jewellery.

7.The Sequin Blazer :

To add glamour to a day look or to modify for a night out try the Sequin Blazer.Dress down a Sequin Blazer with dark black skinny capris with white T-shirt.

8.A Classic Trench Winter Jackets:

This clinched waistcoat is ideal for winters.It makes you look effortless and glamorous instantly.Wear it with Jeans or Cargos or wera it minus them.

9.A fuzzy,cuddly coat :

Whether fur,faux fur,shearling or mohair,a fuzzy,cuddly coat  which makes you feel like a pop star is a kind of coat that is good for night outs in winter season.

10. A Peacoat :

A normal black Peacoat will get the stamp of approval from all fashion pundits.It’s never out of fashion and you can wear it everywhere.

Common Ethnic Wear mistakes

It is just Western wear that one can go wrong with, given that it is “foreign” and all? Not quite, mostly lack in fashion sense results in wrong sartorial choices that we begin to make with the clothes we grew up in – ethnic wear.

Sarees, salwar-kameez, Indian jewllery and footwear. They all look great in magazines and on Maharanis, but when it comes to the average Indian woman budgets and a non-uniform availability of clothing and accessories means women across the length and the breadth of the country, mix and match to look like images on the glossy instead of reveling in the different textiles available and building on the basics.

Indian Ethnic Wear

To begin with, when trying to get your ethnic look right, accept and appreciate the variety around you, mix your personality in it with shoes, clutches and other accessories.

However, for daily wear most women make the mistake of not dressing their age. This crime is easiest to commit with salwar-kameez. Be comfortable alright, but stay away from baggy kurtas in somber colours that add false pounds and years to you. Have a good selection of well-fitting styles in your wardrobe.

The next, and one of the biggest, fashion fiascos is choosing the wrong colour. Wear lively shades with hip patterns (try modern designs on ethnic wear) in sharp fits.

The chappals are another ethnic wear fashion fiasco. They’re Indian alright but watch your gait and where you are going. If you’re a tall girl, you can be forgiven, otherwise kitten heels are your best friends. And always match your bag or clutch with your shoes; stay away from sling bags!

Finally, if jewellery is Indian it does not have to be Maharani style. Choose small pieces of understated chic jewellery for everyday wear and stash grandma’s bling for very special occasions only.

Common make-up mistakes you can avoid

It’s easy to make mistakes, especially when trying to use make-up as paint brush. Most women make the mistake of trying to hide nature’s flaws with make-up. Fact remains that if you have not hit the genetic jackpot, then the only wise thing to do is play to your existing cosmetic strengths.

make up fiascos

With that as a new make-up motto, let’s look at some of the most common make-up fiascos.

Ignoring skincare: We all know the sin that using make-up is on bad skin. Good skincare is the first step to great make-up. Don’t smoke, stay hydrated with water and moisturizers, get good sleep and use sunscreen every few hours. Glowing skin can help you go a long way in your effort to make a great impression.

Thin eyebrows: Your eyebrows enhance your eyes and basically define your entire look. While the job is best left to the professionals, budgets and time don’t always allow so. Let the professional define the line once and then tow it. Don’t get carried away plucking.

Wrong foundation: Stick to the colour closest to your natural skin shade. If one colour doesn’t fit the bill, but a few, mix and use; also you’ll need different colours at different times of the year.

Not Staying age appropriate: Don’t change your make-up with changing fashion trends, that’s for teens and young girls. As women, stick to enhancing your features rather than experimenting. Also, stay away from glitter.

Not Blending well and/or excesses: This advice applies especially to foundation and blush. Use the right tools, clean them regularly andspend time doing your make-up well. But this doesn’t mean you slather your face in bronzer for a glow, you’ll just look orange. This goes for powder too, lest you look ashen. Remember that using too much makeup in general is not a great idea.