Common make-up mistakes you can avoid

It’s easy to make mistakes, especially when trying to use make-up as paint brush. Most women make the mistake of trying to hide nature’s flaws with make-up. Fact remains that if you have not hit the genetic jackpot, then the only wise thing to do is play to your existing cosmetic strengths.

make up fiascos

With that as a new make-up motto, let’s look at some of the most common make-up fiascos.

Ignoring skincare: We all know the sin that using make-up is on bad skin. Good skincare is the first step to great make-up. Don’t smoke, stay hydrated with water and moisturizers, get good sleep and use sunscreen every few hours. Glowing skin can help you go a long way in your effort to make a great impression.

Thin eyebrows: Your eyebrows enhance your eyes and basically define your entire look. While the job is best left to the professionals, budgets and time don’t always allow so. Let the professional define the line once and then tow it. Don’t get carried away plucking.

Wrong foundation: Stick to the colour closest to your natural skin shade. If one colour doesn’t fit the bill, but a few, mix and use; also you’ll need different colours at different times of the year.

Not Staying age appropriate: Don’t change your make-up with changing fashion trends, that’s for teens and young girls. As women, stick to enhancing your features rather than experimenting. Also, stay away from glitter.

Not Blending well and/or excesses: This advice applies especially to foundation and blush. Use the right tools, clean them regularly andspend time doing your make-up well. But this doesn’t mean you slather your face in bronzer for a glow, you’ll just look orange. This goes for powder too, lest you look ashen. Remember that using too much makeup in general is not a great idea.

Better looking Nails – avoid these common mistakes

The most common fashion faux pas that women make with nails is going overboard. It’s just like facial make-up, with the addition of seriously making you look like a witch. So rule one to avoid nail fiascos is to remember: they’re side-kicks, never make them heroes; their stardom lies in being subtle yet fabulous in their own way.

Applying Nail paintHaving said that lets look at some of the most common fashion mistakes made with nails.

  • Dry cuticles: You could have the hands of a goddess painted by Picasso himself, but if you don’t care for them, you’ll just look trashy. Follow a  thorough moisturizing routine before going to bed, take multi-vitamins to keep skin healthy and clip and cure as soon as you see signs of damage appear.
  • Growing or pasting talons: This one will make you look like the hags in Disney, no matter how well you paint your nails. Besides, you run a chance of scratching your eyes or those of others. That’s so not making you anyone’s favourite.
  • Nail art overdo: We know Korean parlours do a great job of blinging your nails, but you don’t want to show off Swarovski studs sitting in a meadow of stick-on-top roses at any place other than a Pride Parade!
  • Choosing the wrong shape for your nails – Not every nail shape will look good on you. Depending upon your nail-bed, nail-length and other factors, choose the nail shape that would look the best

7 Common mistakes in applying Lipstick

Lipstick Common MistakesLippy’s the one weapon every women is sure to carry in her quiver, no matter how big a tomboy she is. But with that handy and tempting a cosmetic, one is sure to make mistakes in enthusiasm, like choosing the wrong lipstick or wearing it wrong. Sadly, these mistakes turn out to be fashion fiascos. You can start by reading our small note on how to choose the right lipstick.

Here are some common mistakes made before and while applying lipstick.

  1. Chapped lips: Apply balm, wait for some time, exfoliate, and gently rub off the dead skin from your chapped lips before applying lipstick.
  2. The wrong colour: For daily wear, choose a lipstick colour that is closest to your natural lip colour. Choose other lipsticks a shade or two lighter or darker that this one and expand you range from here on.
  3. Dark lipstick on thin lips: Dark shades accentuate shape; if you have shapely, yet thin lips stay away from deep maroons and violets.
  4. Light shade on dark lips: This combination will make your lips look bigger than usual and you already have a full pout! Go sinful with reds. Read what lipstick shades work well with dark skinned ladies.
  5. Not using primer: Primer prevents signs of aging from appearing on your lips by creating a smooth canvas and help your lipstick stick on longer while preventing colour bleeding.
  6. Not using lip liner or wearing one that’s too dark: You do any of these and you’ll look like you’re right out of a cheap glossy magazine. Lip liners give shape, they’re your friends. So, keep them close. But you use one too dark and you’ll have exposed too much!
  7. Getting lipstick on teeth: Happens to everyone, all the time! After applying lipstick, put a finger in your mouth, close it and slowly pull your finger out. This will take off the extra lipstick.

5 common mistakes in using Kajal

Common Mistakes in using Kajal Kajal’s been used around the world for centuries to enhance the look of your eyes. Correct application of kajal can make your eyes appear bigger, smaller, smokier, more awake, pretty much any way you want.
But we tend to make so many mistakes with kajal, that just the fear of a fiasco keeps us away from using the product.

Worry not, here’s a small guide on the common mistakes women, and some men too, make while using kajal or eyeliner and how to keep them at bay:

  1. Wearing very dark kajal under the eye in the day: The lipstick rule applies here too; dark colours shrink lines, light colours make things look bigger. So skip dark kajal under the eyes to make your eyes look more awake. Or just choose a lighter colour kajal.
  2. Greasy or liquid kajal for lower lashes: Greasy kajal smudges after sometime, no matter how well you apply it, it’s a no-no for an all-day look. Might be a good thing to explore waterproof Kajal as an option.
  3. No bright colours to line the eye for regular wear: Bright colours are distracting and divert attention away from your eyes rather than draw focus towards them. Use shades that compliment the colour of your iris or hair.
  4. For small or close-set eyes never make thick kajal lines.
  5. And the biggest of them all, crooked kajal line: Start by making small dots and then join them using short strokes.