What are the different kinds of make-up brushes

Like a painter can’t paint without his brushes nor the sculptor chisel, a make-up artist too needs his tools to transform a woman into her best. But can a woman worth her vanity kit really go to a salon everyday for a fix? Can she afford the time whenever she hops out for a night of fun? For the modern girl on the go, the answer is no!

make up brushesTo learn to apply make-up correctly and achieve the desired look, let us first understand the different kinds of make-up brushes that you’ll need. Buying make-up brushes is like an investment as you’ll be using less product and your makeup will last longer. But you don’t need every last brush that’s out there, just one or two to enhance each feature. Here’s your Craigslist:

Foundation brush: This is the ‘Black’ among make-up brushes. Round and flat-tipped, yet fluffy, it is perfect for blending foundation into the skin for a zero-flaw finish. Make-up experts suggest buying one with synthetic bristles.

Powder brush: It is a round brush and a must-have. Its soft natural bristles use less powder, thus making the application look more natural.

Blush brush: The bristles of this brush are long and look like an inverted egg. It should be ultra soft (so buy natural hair brush) so it does not dust off the foundation while you’re adding colour to your face and bringing your cheeks to life!

Eyeshadow brush: This one’s stiff and flat to ensure even application of eyeshadow colour. Since it’ll be used on your eyebrows, which have very sensitive skin, ensure the bristles are made of natural hair and are short. This brush gives your lids a smooth and more colour intense finish than a fluffy brush would.

Blending brush: This brush is shaped to ensure it gets into the crease of your eye and define your lid with precision; thus the perfect colour blender.

Brow brush: It is a small, angular brush that can be put to a lot of uses, like applying eyeliner or to fill the gaps in the eyebrow.