Trends in Eye Makeup

They say, “Eyes are windows to the soul.”Every expression or feeling in the world comes right through your eyes.And for a bride,eyes are not just the windows to her soul.They are captivating enigma of true beauty.Eye make-up for the Indian bride is not an easy task to master.One wrong stroke and you could go terribly wrong.

Before getting started,it is necessary for you to understand the true shape of your eyes.Visit any expert in the parlour near you.Once you figure out the shape of your eyes,you can play along the different types of eye make-up.

Rainbow eyes

rainbow eyesRainbow eyes can be a tricky choice.You must be absolutely sure about the look before you ask the make-up expert to do it on your eyes.This kind of look works best on a light skin tone.It helps to bring some added colour to the pale skin.Once again,remember to keep the rest of the make-up minimal.You want your eyes to come out in an attractive manner.Match it in perfect contrast with your outfit and you won’t go wrong.If you decide to wear a bright coral pink,light blue or light green,then there are different ways to apply this kind of make-up on your eyes.You can apply it either vertically,in blocks so that they are distinct,or you can try it horizontally with each shade smoothly blending and fading.Do not apply it over the complete eyelid if you plan to do the vertical application.Give more dimension towards the outside.Apply an even coat of mascara thick enough to create reasonable volume and length on the eyelashes.But,don’t apply the mascara too thick,as it masks the entire effect of the eye shadow.

Block Eye make-up

block eyes This is the latest trend in Eye make-up.So how do you work this look?The block eye make-up looks good on big eyes as it enhance your eyes,making them look brighter and fuller.There are different ways of carrying off this look.

How to use the block eye trend?

The Block Eye make-up trend is to create a block effect that brings out your eyes.So,begin by applying your eyeliner from a liitle before the middle of your eyelid,slowly moving outward.But,remember that you should not let the length of the eyeliner extend beyond the end of your eye.Just create a wide distance between the eyelid and the eye itself.Once you have drawn an outline of the desired shape,fill in the area with eyeliner.Apply a double coat.Apply a thick coat of mascara.

When you want to apply block eye make-up along with eye shadow,you can start by demarcating the desired area of your eyelid,keeping in mind the fact that you do not need to extend the make-up beyond the eye area.Once you have applied your eye shadow,fill in the eyeliner in the same way.However, remember to tone down the eyeliner a little bit when using this trend in combination with eyeshadow.Refrain from using very dark shades of eye shadow or it will kill the entire effect.

When it comes to eye make-up,the key ingredient is drama.Work with eye shadow,mascara,kohl and eyeliner to get the desired look.So,once you get the effect,let the eyes do the talking on the day of your wedding.