Facial pores – causes and management of Facial pores

What are Facial Pores

Pores on skin correspond to hair, both facial and on body. Though most pores, like hair, can’t be seen, they exist and have the potential to become larger and more visible in future – a major cosmetic concern as smooth looking skin demands small pores. Though there’s no way to reduce the size of skin pores permanently, it can be done temporarily. But before that, it is important to maintain clean skin pores as THAT
is the key to a truly radiant skin.

Since your face is the most delicate and exposed part of your body, maintaining clean facial skin pores is a big challenge. Environmental dirt and natural oils, which are secreted in response to our harsh environment, collect around your pores and clog them by creating a pile of dead skin cells. These conditions are prime for bacteria to grow, which then cause inflammation. Inflammations can sound simple but are tedious when they come in breakouts; all the rubbing, squeezing and popping of acne will only make  matters worse. Not only do they leave marks, they leave pores larger thus allowing easier collection of dirt which started the problem in the first place.

Facial pores are a cruel reality and no wishing away will ever help. Pores are there to stay, and thankfully so, since they’re vital to your skin’s health. Having said that, we all understand the cosmetic concerns that they pose. So, the best thing with pores, like with stress, is to learn to manage them.

How to manage Facial Pores

Promises of shrinking large skin pores made by creams and cosmetic products are factually incorrect. Pores shrink, but never permanently. So  the best you will be able to achieve are temporary results, which will keep you away from invasive techniques of cosmetic skin maintenance.

The problem of large pores mostly becomes worrisome for those with an oily skin, thanks to oil, dirt and dead cell build up. Use a gentle cleanser  at least two times a day. But never scrub a lot. Though it will leave your skin dry making you feel like you’ve accomplished what you set out to do. Effectively, what happens is that your skin ends up secreting extra oil because of the unnatural dryness, making your skin more oily. The same  thing happens when we use rough cloth to scrub off dead skin. Thus, exfoliate at least once a week and ideally, twice.

But these are ways to keep the pore problem from exacerbating.

There are several OTC creams, like retinoid creams, that reduce appearance of large pores by checking bacterial growth. These creams also treat UV damage which is the second biggest reason for appearance of large pores. And, always use good sunscreen and good make-up.

Home Remedy for Facial Pores

The cosmetic industry offers many advanced pore cleansing treatments, like chemical peeling and dermabrasion. But these are for extreme cases. To remove the everyday oil, dirt and dry, dead skin cells that clog your pores everyday, which, if left uncleaned will lead to blackheads and acne, it is best to try the following simple ways to unclog pores at home.

  • Steaming: before giving steam treatment to your facial skin, remove make-up and wash you face with warm (NEVER hot) water to open the pores. Pat dry. Bring a pot of water to boil. Immediately place a towel over your head, make a tent and lean over the steaming water, not too close. Let your skin soak in the steam for 10 minutes or as comfortable. Rinse with cold water to wash away dirst from pores and close them. Apply moisturizer. Best done before bedtime.
  • Facial masks: Use clay mask (clay, water and oatmeal paste) to cleanse and dry pores at the same time; best for oily skin. Apply the paste and scrub to loosen the dirt and let it sit till it dries. Wash your face several times with plain water, pat dry and moisturize. For dry skin, use chickpea powder mask (chickpea, water and milk).

Of the millions of pores that exist on your body only a very, very small percentage are visible. And minimizing the appearance of pores is the best option available. However, this too shall not be a permanent change.

So, developing certain daily beauty rituals is key to managing facial pores.

  1. Step one, is to always sleep after having removed your makeup. In fact, remove make up immediately after coming home; it prevents pore blockage.
  2. Step two, is protection from the sun. UV exposure and aging thicken skin’s outer layer, expediting the process of cell accumulation around pores in volcano-like formations, making them look bigger. An extension of this point, is keeping skin free of dead skin cells, which also collect around the edges of pores in ridges, making them look bigger. Consult your dermatologist for appropriate medication.
  3. Step three, check oiliness. Larger pores produce more oil. Washing your face regularly to check oil secretion helps in temporarily shrinking the pores. Similar effects can also be achieved by using solutions or medications that dry out the skin.


The other simple home remedies to exfoliating pores include blackhead removal and using facial brushes.