Sandalwood benefits for hair and skin

‘Chandan’ or sandalwood has a natural cooling power that can soothe away all your tension and rid you of your  headache. Traditionally used in India and China for its sedating and antiseptic powers,sandalwood contains high amounts of alpha abd beta-santalol,elements that possess antibacterial and relaxing agents.

Benefits of Sandalwood powder and oil :

Mainly found in Karnataka,sandalwood is used in two forms – powder and oil.The powder form is used as a coolant by mixing it with cold water or rose water and creating a paste.Apply it on your forehead,and it cools away your tensions.And if you have skin that is stressed because of pollution,dirt or is just stiff,apply the paste on your face and let it dry before washing it off with cold water. Sandalwood paste is also effective on burns.It is both antiseptic and cools the burnt area fast.It is used in many skin care solutions.

Here are some fantastic solutions incorporating Sandalwood for your specific beauty needs:-

  1. Glowing Face : For glowing skin,massage your face with a mix of a teaspoon of milk and honey.Then with a teaspoon of almond paste and a teaspoon of sandalwood paste,mix together the juice of a lemon and some mashed papaya.Scrub your face with it in slow circular motion. Ultimately this will cleanse your face and add a glow.
  2. No more tanning : To remove a suntan,make a paste of four teaspoons of sandalwood powder,five teaspoons of grated coconut and two teaspoons of almond oil.Mix together and apply on the exposed areas.To help remove tan on the arms,massage with sandalwood-based cream and apply a paste of a mix of ‘multani mitti’ and sandalwood powder.
  3. Shining Skin : For a glowing skin,apply a paste made from one teaspoon each of sandalwood powder and turmeric mixed with milk.When it becomes dry,wash off with warm water to find a fresh face.
  4. Killing Pimples : Wipe your skin with rose and camphor water.Follow it up by rubbing tomato halves on the affected areas.This will reduce the oiliness.Also apply a mask of sandalwood paste to which a piece of camphor has been added.
  5. Silky Hair : Mix three tablespoons of olive oil with three drops of sandalwood oil.Then apply this solution to damp hair.Wrap hair in a towel and leave it for 15 minutes.Rinse and enjoy the smooth and soft hair.
  6. Rejuvenation of Dry Skin : To rejuvenate dry skin,apply a paste of honey,olive oil,turmeric and sandalwood.
  7. As a perfume : Mix seven drops of sandalwood oil,four drops of rose oil with 100ml of jojoba oil.Keep it in a bottle and let it mellow for few weeks.Ude the perfume in small quantities on pulse points such as wrists,behind the ears and knees.
  8. To treat marks : To treat marks ,take a cup of both red and white sandalwood powder and half cup of oatmeal.Mix with a little milk and rose water and scrub all over face and body,three times a week,until marks fade.

Sandalwood is a great natural solution for calming the mind and making your body beautiful.