Lipstick shades for Dark or Wheatish Skin

The all-blond, fairer than milk Barbies may have initially damaged our idea of beauty, but the world later revealed otherwise. However, what that trend did set in stone, at least initially, were the lipstick shades that were offered across the globe. Though make-up companies have made amends, a vast majority of us dark maidens have a tough time understanding what works for our sun-kissed dermis. So here’s a quick how-to for picking the right shade and a list of shades that’ll make you pucker up.

lipsticksWhat’s my colour?

First up, determine your skin tone. Is it wheatish, olive, or dark? Step two, find a lipstick shade that is one to two shades darker than your natural lips.

Here are some safe go-tos:

Pink, cranberry shades, and brick reds work wonders for wheatish and olive skin. Nudes work well, but steer clear of deep browns. Mauve-berry shades and blue-red colours add a zing to the otherwise safe palette, so try these too.

And if you are a chocolaty beauty, reds with undertones of burgundy, brown tones, ruby and wine should do the trick. Nudes will again work in the day or with loud eye make-up, it is suggested you stay away from orange unless you’re exceptionally gifted.

Universally speaking…

Red is you savior! The colour just does it for every woman alive. However, there are a plethora of shades in red, and what is yours will depend on the undertone of your skin.