How to choose the right lipstick

It’s the toughest thing anyone can do, really. How good you look depends on how fresh is your make-up. In fact, a well done face can cover up for an average dress. But for a girl to get her look right, the lipstick is key.

lipsticksWomen of all colours can carry all colours (mostly) provided the shade is right. But how do the right one? So just like dating, a woman can’t wait for Mr Right to hop along. One has to go find him.

So, here’s a quick guide on how to choose the right lipstick.

  • Apply the lipstick on before buying it for what you may se on the box may not be the reality.
  •  When shopping for lipstick, don’t be wearing a strong colour already or heavy make-up for that matter. It can prevent you from judging the new lipstick properly.
  • Always remove one lip shade completely before trying another to avoid mixing colour.
  • Judge the shade in all lights possible.
  • Avoid these 7 common mistakes we usually end up making while using a lipstick

The other way to understand a lipstick is to match the colour with your look. Being a Ms Matchy, a pink dress, pink clutch and pink lipstick is very uncool. Choose between dramatic lips and eyes; both don’t go well together.