Winter Hair Care Tips

Winter is as difficult as summer and monsoon when it comes to hair care. But why do all the months have to bring such pain for the style conscious? Well, because if you want your feet to flaunt Italian heels, you gotta get used to the pain! Simply said, beauty comes at a cost; it requires dedicated time and love and care. So without further adieu, let’s learn to how to keep your hair as soft as your feet in the winter!
Since winter always comes with dryness, the first set of problems to be dealt with is dandruff, frizz and static! Any simple solution? Certainly!
The solution is a combination of tips leading to a complete hair care routine. Follow it and you’ll stay blessed.
Dryness causes dandruff, sweater cause static and result in frizz. Make hot oil massage, preferably with olive oil, a weekly ritual. Massage the oil at the root of your hair and leave for at least half an hour. Finish it off with an application of lime juice, leave for 10 minutes and then wash your hair. Wash with lukewarm water. Caution: hot water will again leave your hair very, very dry.
Step two, is to condition your hair deeply. Use a strong conditioner and leave for 15 minutes before rising it off finally.
Step three, do not use dry heat to blow dry your hair. This can be tricky since a normal dry might leave you with a cold. So dry your hair in a warm room and preferable in the noon, when the weather allows for maximum warmth that there can be.
Step four, brush your hair with a wooden comb since plastic causes static and makes hair frizzy.
Applying honey on hair roots also helps; it gives your hair shine and bounce. Apply honey and leave for 15 minutes before washing with a mild shampoo.
This was intensive care. But external protection is also important. Enter accessories and hair styles. Use hats to protect your top, and muffs and mufflers to warm your ears when wearing protective hairstyles like braids and buns (these keep your hair from getting tangled in the harsh winds).
Have a good hair day!