Treatment for dandruff

Treating dandruff depends completely on what has caused it. And since there is no one reason for what causes dandruff, there is no one treatment either. Also, dandruff treatment is tricky business. It can be controlled, but its cure demands patience and discipline.

The first step for treating dandruff, therefore, is identifying what has caused it. Sit with the reasons for dandruff and observe the pattern in your body. Also, immediately improve your diet and take a diet rich in zinc, B vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids. One can take dietary supplements to make up for the deficiency. However, the best way to meet your body’s need is by taking in the nutrients naturally for better assimilation. Consult a dietician and, if need be, get tests done to understand the exact extent of your deficiency. Another lesser known reason for dandruff is consumption of excessively oily and sweet foods.

Since hygiene is one of the contributing factors, improve your grooming and switch to a medically approved anti-dandruff shampoo, using it regularly and frequently needed to clean your scalp of excess oil and dead skin cells. To get the right shampoo that meets your needs, meet your dermatologist, especially if you have psoriasis or eczema.

Also, reduce or eliminate the use of styling products. Since these products are full of chemicals and damage the skin, they increase the rate at which scalp skin dies and may even cause itchiness, redness and skin swelling if used excessively. Also, by keeping the skin devoid of its natural oils, they actually make your oil glands work overtime, making scalp oily!

Lastly, since stress is a contributing factor in depression and mental illnesses, meditate. Massage your scalp to improve blood flow, use skin packs to keep the scalp clean and cool, and lastly, get some sun; it’s the best disinfectant there is!