Thin Hair HairStyles

Across the globe, youth today are more conscious about their looks, especially the hair — the ultimate face frame. It’s the tresses that can make or break your look. While, there’s little you can do to change the quality of your hair if they are naturally thin or fine, some hairstyling tips can certainly save the day by adding volume temporarily or giving the illusion of being voluminous.

First among these tips is choosing the right hairstyle. How thick your hair is or can be is determined by your genes. But the right cut can give it great bounce, thus appearing to be lusciously thick even when they’re not. This will save you precious hours you’d otherwise spend blow-drying and actually doing more harm to your hair than good!

To make limp or thin hair look bouncy, opt for blunt hairstyles. To appear voluminous, hair should be cut the same length. Also, cut your hair regularly to keep them from developing split ends which make hair, especially the ends, look frizzy, unkempt and thin.

The optimum length for those with thin hair is short, i.e till the neck, or medium, a little below the shoulder. Hair then looks more bouncy; Pixie haircuts are a perfect example.

But if long hair is what you’ve always dreamt of then cut them in layers; to set them right, blow-dry while brushing the ends outwards. This creates the impressions of movement and extra volume.

Another helpful tip is the side parting, which should be changed every day. This will help the root stand up straight and won’t make your hair look limp.

The last non-chemically intensive trick to make thin hair appear thick is to colour them right. Add sophisticated highlights, preferably just a shade lighter than your original colour. This will create an optical illusion making thin hair look thick!