Shampoos for Dry hair

In last 2-3 decades a lot of awareness has been seen across the world regarding commercial health care and beauty care products, which revolutionized their market. One such sector is hair care and shampoos are the largest selling product under this. Shampoos are available to suit all types of hair.

Dry hair is a common situation these days. There could be various factors causing it such as heredity, vitamin deficiencies, malnutrition of hair and scalp, pollution, etc. Dry hair also makes hair look dull. Curly hair, as compared to straight hair is more prone to dryness.

In earlier days herbs like Shikakai and Reetha were commonly used as a shampoo for treating dry hair and Henna was used for conditioning purposes. However, gradually with growing market many manufacturers in the organized sector bloomed, paving way for a variety of shampoos being available over the counter.

Frequent shampooing can also cause hair to turn dry. Ingredients used in shampoos to clean hair, often wash away the hair of its natural oils which are responsible in providing moisture to the hair. However, a mild shampoo will not cause the hair to lose its natural moisture. A shampoo with a pH of 4.6 to 6.6 is suitable for dry hair.

Mint based shampoos give good results when used to fight dry hair. They make the hair soft and leave behind a fresh and soothing fragrance.

Thus you should always make a note of the ingredients when picking up a shampoo and also read the instructions carefully to get the best results.

In order to treat dry hair, you should regularly massage your hair with olive oil and wash it off with a mild shampoo, followed by a conditioner.