Natural hair care tips for winters

Winter can be a worrisome time for any gal in love with her tresses. It’s cold, it’s dry and it’ll stay at least for a few months. Even if you have a daily hair care regimen to die-for you will have to change it the minute autumn winds start blowing. So even before winter really sets in get ready to combat the dryness or else you will have to face the wrath of dandruff.
Seasonal dandruff is simple build-up of dry and dead skin cells. It  not only affects your skin by promoting development of pimples, but also affects your scalp since it keeps the hair from breathing well and making them week. So, rule one for a good winter hair care regimen is to keep dandruff at bay Easier said than done. So to defeat this snowy devil, adopt a regular cleansing and deep conditioning routine.
Wash your hair once every two days.

Yes, even though the cold makes a simple shower a daunting task, let alone a head bath, this is important because unlike the rest of your body, more dirt settles and  gets collected on scalp, thanks to… well, your hair! Do we hear you say, “What if I keep my head covered?” Well, even then the natural oils and sweat need to be cleared. So there’s no escaping from a regular head bath.
But there’s a list of do’s and don’ts before you hit the shower to get the right result — soft locks. Here comes in conditioning. Choose the right oil, heat and massage it in at least an hour before your bath.  The heat will open your pores and promote blood flow and the oil will condition the dry hair.
Which oil to choose? Well, that depends on which part of the world you live in, and what’s your hair type. For instance, though coconut oil is a great conditioner, it’s only so in the tropical regions and choosing this oil as a conditioner in winters in nothing but a bit mistake. But there are some all-season oils, like olive, gooseberry and mustard!
After, conditioning ensure you don’t wash your hair with piping hot water. Though comforting, it will only make your hair more dry and wreak havoc in the long run. Lastly, always dry your hair well so you don’t catch a cold, but don’t use heat-drying method. Though demanding, such a regimen should hold you in good stead through the tough winter months!