Homeopathy treatment for pre-mature greying of hair

Premature greying, also known as Canites, is a condition where the hair strands turn grey.  The skin pigment Melanin is responsible for the colour of the hair strands and the degree of melanin present in the skin cells determines whether a person’s hair is black, brown, auburn, or blonde.

Variety of factors are attributed to premature greying, the more prominent ones are the oxidation process of the hair strands by free radicles in the blood, lack of proper diet and nutrition and the exacerbation of the condition by stress and poor lifestyle.

Homeopathy is a holistic science and has been used successfully in the treatment of premature greying.  The medicines are prepared from natural sources from plants, minerals, and animal kingdoms, and the active principle undergoes a series of dilutions and potentizations which are then prescribed by homeopaths.

Homeopathy can control the rate of canites (premature greying) where the similimum (the most similar medicine to the patient’s condition) acts on the entire being and helps in arresting the rate of premature greying.  Hair strands already turned grey though may remain as they are in-spite of treatment but the rate of premature greying in an individual can be drastically brought down.  A homeopath analyses the patient through a detailed case analysis in which the entire personality of the patient is captured dwelling on both the physical and mental spheres so as to cover both somato-psychic and psycho-somatic causes of the problem in question.

Homeopathic treatment coupled with a good lifestyle and diet regimen with food rich in Vitamin E and C go a long way in controlling the growing menace of premature greying in young adults.