Hair Fall Solution for Men

Those who have it, love it. Those who don’t, miss it. And those who can see that they might lose it sometime soon, they’ll do anything to keep it. We’re not talking of your mistresses, dear men, it is your tresses! And we’re here to offer you good advice on hair fall solution.

Hair Loss treatment for menTraumatic as it may be, hair fall does not mean as much trauma for men as women. But this does not mean you don’t fight like an alpha to keep your locks about. While common causes for hair fall are the same among men and women — nutritive imbalance, pulled back hair, chemicals, hygiene, physical or emotional trauma, autoimmune disorders, hypothyroidism — there are some cases peculiar only to men. Yes, we’re talking of male pattern baldness.

Solutions for hair fall in men are as varied as the causes. Let’s begin with male pattern baldness or (androgenetic alopecia). Resulting in an “M-shaped” balding pattern, one can choose to chemically treat hair loss, get artificial wigs or weaves if drug treatment fails, or invest in a permanent solution — hair transplant surgery.

Among the other “shared” factors for hair loss, men are more prone to autoimmune disorders and hair loss due to stress.

With men’s tendency to develop diabetes, a weak liver and be more stressed (thanks to being primary bread winners), men are more likely than women to lose hair to diabetes, which impairs the autoimmune system, and stress. So exercise, get your sugar in control and follow your doctor like you follow your woman.

God willing, you will be able to keep your hair and senses, both!