Hair Care Tips For Summer

Hair Care Tips for summer

Hair Care Tips for summer

Come summer and your hair starts feeling the heat. It’s not only your body that gets damaged from sun but also your hair that gets burnt out. Saltwater and chlorine are also hair damagers. A few weeks of summer exposure and the hair that was once shiny and easily manageable gets easily fried. The sun exposure can also leads to faded hair colour.

The other damage is the most obvious when we see colour-treated hair becoming faded, bleached and brassy. Even the hair that is not coloured will suffer from sun induced stress. The ultraviolet rays of the sun damages the hair’s deepest layer called cortex and damages the hair proteins too. It can lead to loss of hair, strength and elasticity. It also damages the colour producing cells (melanin) in the roots of hair and fades out the colour of the hair.

Frizz factor: In summers you also have to face frizzy hair. This is because the parched hair soaks up the extra humidity in the air causing the shaft to swell and causing breaks in hair cuticle. This ultimately results in frizzy hair.

Swimming Damage: The swimming is also a cause for dry, frizzy hair. It is because the chlorine strips your hair off the protective oils. A dip in the ocean also affects the hair in the wrong way as the salty water draws out the water from the hair and skin leading to dry fingers and parched hair.

Tips for Hair Care in Summer:

  1. Go for a Haircut: Hair grows faster in summer and you can get rid of split ends and can refresh your hairstyle.
  2. Shield your hair from summer heat: Make a daily habit of applying hair care product that contains UV filters.The application of these products help in controlling the sun damage and help to keep the colour of the hair intact. If you are spending a lot of time outdoors uses a wide brimmed hat that will cover your scalp, skin, neck and ears from the summer heat.
  3. Also, apply a sunscreen of SPF (30 to 50) when you are outdoors in the scorching summer heat.
  4. Before doing swimming, wet your hair. Cover the hair with a thin layer of conditioner and leave it until you shower after the swim.
  5. Keep your hair knotted or tied in a bun or plats as that will avoid the total exposure to sun and stop the hair to get frizzy.
  6. After your hair is exposed to longer duration of heat try using Sun Hair repair mask.
  7. Make less use of hair dryers and hair curlers on your hair. But if it is required then condition your hair before doing so.
  8. Avoid hot water hair wash as the heat can damage your hair. Instead use cold water.
  9. Don’t use alcohol on your hair during summer as applying the same will dry your hair.
  10. Simply wash your hair with water daily. Don’t shampoo it daily as shampooing it daily deprives the scalp from its natural moisture.
  11. Try using moisturising shampoo during summer rather than a normal shampoo.
  12. Condition your hair after each shampoo hair wash.

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