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diy spa treatments recipesDIY Spa Treatments

Professional Spa treatments are great, but they are expensive and time consuming. The great thing about good DIY spa treatments is that it costs very little and many times uses products you already have at home. Here’s how you can do them at home.

Dry Brush: Dry brushing is an old-age technique that exfoliates the dead skin cells which accumulate on your body. Most of the body spa treatments of the world consist of this technique. Use a dry brush to brush off that extra dull skin cells to renew the texture and improve blood cirulation.Dry brushing rejuvenates you from head to toe besides smoothening and softening the skin on your body.

Body Scrub: Women always crave for a healthy, flawless skin on their bodies. It’s easy to obtain that. Just scrub the skin with a mix of oatmeal and honey. Rinse with warm water and follow the regime with applying a moisturiser. Use a non-greasy moisturiser for best results.

Homemade Acne Fighter: For fighting acne a Pumpkin Mask is a great cure. Take half a cup plain pumpkin and mix it with 500 gm yoghurt. Add two tablespoon of lime juice to it and mix it well. After a bath, apply it on the affected area on your face and rinse it off with lukewarm water after twenty minutes.

For a healthy glowing skin:

1. Honey-lemon scrub: Tie all of your hair back away from the face area. Steam your face and let your pores be open. Now apply a mixture of honey and lemon all over. Let the mask be there on your face for twenty minutes. Wash off with warm water and finally splash off cold water to close the pores. It will tighten your skin and will give you a glowing skin.

2. Coconut oil Lemon Sugar scrub: Combine some coconut oil and lemon syrup with two teaspoon of sugar .This combination works well to hydrate the dry skin and leave it amazingly fresh and soft.

Pedicure at home: Chasing kids and being a wonder woman for 24-7 takes a toll on your mind, body and soles. You may be short on time and money but they are no reason to walk around with dry, cracked, aching feet. The solution is a spa treatment. But you can also opt for a DIY pedicure. In four simple steps, you can pamper yourself with a technique that’s easy on your feet and wallet too.

1. Soak your feet in a warm bath for five minutes to soften them. Add milk to moisturise. Add any antiseptic essential oil like tea tree or peppermint to fight back minor infections besides stimulating your senses.

2. Scrub the feet with a strong exfoliator.You can also prepare a one at home by mixing honey with olive oil with brown sugar.

3. Add a little of fresh lime juice to treat extra rough spots on the feet.

4. Apply a foot cream on the feet. Slip on a pair of socks to seal the moisture.