Beauty regimen for newly married

Newlywed beauty regimen

Many women stop taking care of their beauty needs once they are back from their honeymoon.Yes, it’s true that there are responsibilities and marriage brings a major change in one’s life.However,taking care of yourself should be the top priority no matter what the circumstances be.Because,this is a new phase,and whatever routine you set for yourself,chances are that for a long time you would end up following it.You are a new bride and you must retain that charisma for at least a few months after your wedding.And,most importantly,because as a woman you must look and feel beautiful; not for anyone else,but for your own self.

Skin Care Regimen:-

If you have not still taken the path of renowned beauty ritual – CTM,better gear up for the same ASAP.CTM which stands for Cleansing,Toning and Moisturising are the basic rituals that every woman should follow.There have been times when we come across a beautiful face that makes us surprised and our minds are churning on how one can have such a beautiful skin.The secret behind such a sparkling skin is nothing but religious follow-up of CTM.A newlywed should have a dedicated daily skin care regimen.The first thing that they should keep in mind is their skin type and should chalk out their skin care routine.

While for oily skin,one should have gel-based face wash,someone with dry skin should use cream-based face wash.Toning helps remove the residues of cleansers while reducing open pores.SSomeone with oily skin can opt for rose water for toning whereas; someone with dry skin should again stick to milk based toners.This should be followed by moisturizing.Again,the choice of moisturizer is as per the skin type.

People with dry skin often find it difficult to come across a moisturizing face cleanser which would leave the face clean without ripping it off the natural oils.One DIY beauty trick that would leave your facial skin feeling soft while cleaning it properly is a mix of three-fourth cup of rose water,one-fourth cup of glycerine and 1 teaspoon of vinegar along with one-fourth tsp of honey.Using this solution as a cleanser would help you have that glowing complexion and hydrated skin.

Hair Care Regimen:-

In India,marriage is a grand affair which starts with smaller ceremonies and ends with relatives and close friends inviting the couple home for dinner parties.For at least a few weeks at a  stretch,the couple keeps attending these gatherings.And,each gathering calls for tones of hair products and sprays getting applied on the hair.This tends to rip the shine off the mane. Add to that,long waking hours.It all takes atoll on the health of hair. Thus,to keep your hair in the best shape,it is important to condition your hair.

Besides using a brush with natural boar bristles helps distribute the natural oils on the scalp from root to the tip of the hair strand.Such brushes prevent hair breakage too.Oil massage is also very important as it instantly infuses life in hair.

Thus,these pathbreaking solutions will give instant relief to the newlywed’s beauty regimen.Apply these in your life and find the new you.